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Progress Toddy Coffee Imitation

slowcoooked Aug 17, 2013 01:26 PM

I first tried using Sprouts' Guatemala Huehuetenango ( $ 9 / lb, Volcanic Red roasters) last sunday to make a gallon batch of iced coffee and it came out better than any I've purchased in town for the past 9 years. really simple - 3/4 pound fresh coarse ground to a gallon of good water (i got a gallon of ozarka) - cold brewed at least 18 - 24 hr, filtered through a fine mesh strainer then a few consecutive single coffee strainers. Bring the filtered product back up to a gallon. It comes out tasting of hints of berries and flowers - very clean and very strong. I put it over ice, add another third volume of filtered water, and a splash of quality mexican vanilla. really really good. If you can beat it, you might as well sell it. This is great toddy. If you just pour the grinds through a funnel into a gallon container of water with a bit removed to fit in the grounds, it makes life simpler.