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Aug 17, 2013 11:38 AM

Murray's Rotisserie Chickens

Fairway seems to have stopped making rotisserie chickens with Murray's chicken (they now have their own at $7.99 and organic at $12.99). Does anyone else make these, or can anyone recommend a rotisserie chicken as good?

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  1. Though not Murray's, the best rotisserie chicken in my opinion, is the $4.99 Costco one. Huge chickens, always hot & fresh, perfectly seasoned.

    Another huge fav is Citarella's rotisserie turkey thighs.

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    1. re: pbjluver

      I'll second that. I certainly haven't tried everyone's rotisserie chicken but Costco's is the best I have ever had. Also, their chicken salad is delicious and it's made from their own rotisserie chickens.

      1. re: Brian W

        I agree with you that Costco's is really good, but I'm trying to avoid factory-farmed chickens and am assuming that, for $4.99, Costco's must be. Murray's chicken, besides tasting good, is "Certified Humane" for whatever that's worth.

        1. re: Hickory

          To be fair, you asked for chickens that are "as good" as Murray's--without specifying that your terms meant "avoiding factory-farmed chickens" rather than "as tasty" (the definition most readers would assume you mean).

          Have you looked into any kosher places with rotisserie chickens?

    2. The chickens at Eataly are fantastic. I like Dirty Bird, too. There's a place called Rotisserie Georgette opening on 60th & 5th soon. Sounds like it'll be equal parts restaurant and market.

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        1. re: pbjluver

          Yeah, between 5th and Madison next to Rouge Tomate.

          1. re: coasts

            PS Rotisserie Georgette is now open. Stumbled in it by chance on what seems to have been its official opening night. Chicken is divine and plentiful. I had the mushroom stuffed one served with seared foie gras and it was to die for... (literally!)... and i am not even a chicken fan. It is not a market but they do take away and delivery, says the menu ... AND, if you are a party of 8, and pre-order, they also do a whole suckling pig on the spit .. now I will have a tough time deciding between the bird and the pig ...

        2. It's hard to beat Pio Pio, but I also love Ciarella's turkey thighs.

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            1. re: GaryUES

              I love Citerella's turkey thighs, but it is a very different experience from a rotisseried chicken. I don't know why, but it is. I agree about Pio Pio. If only you could order only dark meat.

            2. Fairway's chickens are cooked beyond done, and then some. I don't think anyone else makes 'em that way.

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              1. re: knucklesandwich

                +1. I'm pretty sure Fairway still sells Murray's chickens. I think I bought one the other day (I tossed the container and just stumbled on this post). It was beyond done -- and then some -- as you wrote. I figured it was a one-off. How can they continue to see chicken like this?

                Plus, my gripe is that the section where they sell the rotisserie chickens at the UWS location is so poorly-designed. One person taking his or her time to peruse the offerings basically makes it impossible for anyone else to access anything.

              2. Angry Chicken at the Koreatown Food Gallery 3rd floor.