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Apr 29, 2004 01:26 PM

Austin- Taco Express on South Lamar?

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1) I am a former Austin resident now living in San Francisco. I'm coming back to visit and was perusing the chow-board to see new developments in Mexican and Tex-Mex fare. I loved Polvo's and will try to make it there for dinner. Any other ideas?

2) I'm not finding much commentary on Taco Express on South Lamar. PLEASE tell me that this place is still in business, and then further reassure me by saying that it is still outstanding for breakfast tacos. Maria's huevos con chorizo or pastor tacos with a little of that homemade chimichurri-style salsa is a delight that is forever burned into my culinary memory. That breakfast followed by some time at Barton Springs was always the perfect hangover cure.
As a former transit planner I regret that I was unable to sell the idea of a bus route down Lamar called the "Taco Express".


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  1. Taco express is still rockin. IMO the best thing to get is migas taco with chorizo. I usually also get an al pastor but there al pastor is just avg IMO. I like Curras Al Pastor much more.

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    1. re: John Scar

      Yes! Curra's does have good al pastor. I also remember that Changos on Guadalupe had pretty good tacos al pastor, which surprised me because of the location and the slick new look of the place.

      Hmmm....I could eat al pastor tacos the whole time I'm back there and write a report. That's what vacations are for.


      1. re: Roy

        Moved from Austin currently living in NYC, cannot wait to get some breakfast tacos.

        Sad to see people are still considering Taco Express the best breakfast tacos in Austin, if you look you can find a lot of better places. Not saying they are bad, just overhyped and overrated

        1. re: ChrisinNY

          Thanks for the very informative post.

          1. re: ChrisinNY

            I love Maria's Taco X-press
            But not for the tacos.
            They have the best gorditas this side of McAllen.
            Gorditas with tons of chimichurri, a delight that I love to share with visitors.