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Aug 17, 2013 08:22 AM

Special Dinner in NYC

Hello everyone. I am looking to book a special occasion dinner for my fiance and I right after our wedding before flying out of NYC, so we are only in town for one night. I have narrowed it down to Per Se or the Chef's Table @ Brooklyn Fare. Between the two, which would be more geared toward "special occasion" worthy. I have heard the food is phenomenal at both so any insight would be great.
We both don't eat pork so that is our only limitation. Some chefs are flexible about that others not so much. So if anyone knows which might be a better choice that would be great. I have done EMP before so want to try somewhere new.
Also - regarding reservations I see on Per Se's website you can call one month in advance, so if I call exactly at 10am on September 2nd (for an October 2nd reservation) should I be okay?

Thanks so much in advance everyone.

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  1. Per Se over BKlyn Fare,,,, Jean Georges over Bklyn Fare.
    Those are my only two choices for you . Brooklyn Fare , will not feel special at all,,, you'll be sitting at a counter getting tiny Japanese inspired amuses bouches, and they won't accommodate a change in the menu,don't waste your time. Per Se is great, Jean Georges is amazing,

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      I have to agree with foodwhisperer.

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        Not even sure why Brooklyn Fare would be in the same conversation as Per Se when the point of reference is special occasion dining.

        Nothing against Brooklyn Fare (nice grocery store and all), but the Chef's Table is another one that Michelin got wrong.

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          Per Se it is!!! Thanks for the insight

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            i couldn't get a reservation :( so I am going to try for Jean Georges! How would you compare Per se & Jean Georges?

          2. Per se will be special. Can not comment on Brookly Fare, as I have not been.

            Regarding calling per se for reservations, you have the date and time to call correct. However, when you ask if your strategy with "be okay" I assume you mean "I will get the reservation" and that can not be assumed. Even when you call right at 10 am and keep calling for 30 minutes straight, sometimes all you get is a busy signal.

            Open Table releases some tables I believe at midnight the night prior to when you have to call, so you could try that too.

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              thanks so much! Per Se it is. Yes I meant get the reservation. Thanks for your help!

            2. I think you're right and it is thirty days in advance at Per Se. But the best thing to do is call and ask, just to be on the safe side.


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                  called today! one month ahead and they only had a 10pm table. bummer!