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Transplant seeking a bar style pizza north of Boston

I'm moving up to the Medford area after living in southeastern MA fo the last 30 years. While I'd be willing to make occasional trips to Cape Cod Cafe or Town Spa I'd like to find something nearby to more immediately satisfy my cravings.

Any suggestions?


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  1. La Hacienda in Somerville. Their individual size pies are the bar pizzas. The small and large sizes are more traditional pizzas.

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      Though it isn't the style I'm looking for I'm always up for good Italian food. Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. re: ervin080275

        The individual sized pies at La Hacienda are indeed the style you are looking for, and you'll be hard pressed to find a better bar pizza in Boston or north.

        The other food is basic family value red sauce italian, and the small/large pies are more thin crust and pretty good.

          1. re: Small Plates

            Wow. I keep meaning to check this place out. Looks moderately scary from the outside, but I've heard good things from lots of people at this point.

            1. re: mkfisher

              Haha - it *is* scary - LOL! The waitresses are forgetful and sometimes a bit surly. The chef is always screaming obscenities from the kitchen, and I usually keep my head and my conversation low... the bar patrons can be a bit... how to say... boisterous!

    2. You'll have plenty of choice eating places in your new home town. Lots near you and even close by in surrounding towns.

      My favorite pizza place (but I don't really know what a bar style pizza is), is Pisa Pizza, but it's in Malden.

      I've heard great things about Za's in Arlington too.


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      1. Montes in Lynn, Riverview in Ipswich, and Santarpios are all Bar style pies IMO albeit not South Shore Style. Marblehead House of Pizza is pretty close to the South Shore style.

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          Thanks. Going to a wedding next month near marblehead. I'll have to stop and grab one.

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            Montes, The Brown Jug in Chelsea and Riverview in Ipswich are the most bar style that I've been too, I had Marblehead again and it's more greek style, thicker buttery crust.

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            santarpio's doesn't count as bar-style to me, but kelly's, also in east boston, does, and it's good stuff. great place to get a pie and watch the bruins.

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              I'll throw The Brown Jug into the mix as well.

          3. Monte's in Lynn has good bar style pizza and the price is definitely right.

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              Thanks, A coworker who used to live in Bridgewater and now lives in that area checked it out recently and said it was good. I'll add it to my list.

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                monte's is good, but its not cape cod cafe or tow spa or poopsies.

            2. While we're on the topic, how about suggestions for some bar-style pizza places within the city limits? Anything in Back Bay, South End, Fenway...?

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                Yes, I have always wondered if one can get a bar style pizza anywhere downtown.

              2. Espresso's just re-opened on Boston Ave by a family member of original owner- I am sure the pizza is still good...
                Rasos on Mystic Ave had decent pizza

                Ravi's in Malden has good pizza- crispy thin crust
                Pisa Pizza in Malden

                Flatbread Pizza Davis Sq Somerville

                Medford has a pizza joint on every corner, I know, I have lived there for over 50 years- not hard to find a pie you like.

                Heard Joe's on High St has good pies...

                If you like seafood don't overlook Moulton's Seafood on 178 Winthrop St (closed Sun & Mon)

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                  Ervin, did you ever find a good north bar pie? Calitris in Danvers individual pies are not quite bar pies but are also not regular pizza, I think a bar pie person would like them though because they taste like a bar pie and look like one but the crust is very thin. Montes is sort of bar pie but not memorable for flavor, and actually Faucis in Lynn Sicilian slices are addictive and remind me the most of a bar pie because they are a bit sweet and buttery with a somewhat thick crust with a little crackle on the bottom. I have only had South Shore bar pies from one place, the one with the bean pie and having a block on the name at the moment..My fave best individual not really bar pies, are Bobby Cs Melrose and Yardhouse Lynnfield. They are more the type with yummy sauce, a lot of nice whole milk mozz falling into the middle and bread dough-ish crust rising up the sides that you want to but some butter on..

                  1. re: chompie

                    Thanks Chompie. It's been a busy fall so I haven't had a chance to yet...but I've compiled a list of everyone's suggestions and I will let you know how it goes.

                2. Bellino's in Wakefield. The smaller lunch size pizza you can get at the bar any time. Their pizza us excellent.