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Aug 17, 2013 06:18 AM

DeLorenzo Pizza in Robbinsville

Took a drive yesterday since it was so nice outdoors, and ended up going to an early dinner at DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville Town Center. We got there a little after 5 PM and were lucky enough to find a good parking space in the parking lot out back. The restaurant was already fairly busy but we were greeted and seated at a table near the windows on the street side without delay. Our waiter brought our (soft) drinks and took our order for a small tomato pie with mushrooms which arrived steaming hot from the ovens without undue delay. It was excellent; you could tell the ingredients were fresh and delicious with the crust perfect and properly charred in a few spots. We each had two good-sized pieces, split one more, and still had enough left to take home in a box for lunch today :-) The total tab was less than $20, even with drink refills, and because we were well-behaved with our portions, we had room left for dessert at Halo Pub in downtown Princeton ! Also we couldn't have been more pleased with the service from the wait staff, etc., our waiter did a great job --- there when we needed something but not pushy or intrusive and we never felt rushed so someone else could get our table. By the time we left, there were already more than a few people waiting in line on the benches outside so I guess we timed our early meal just right.

Normally, we go to Vic's in Bradley Beach or Federici's in Freehold because they are closer to home than either DeLorenzo's and arguably in the same major league. I'm really not reporting anything "new" to the group .... but rather just wanted to share our recent pleasant time and good experience at one of other 'favorites'.

On the way over to Princeton, I made it a point to drive past the 'other side of the family' in their new establishment nearby on Sloan Avenue [looked like the building might have previously been a former chain retaurant of one sort or another]. Next time we're in the mood for pizza and we're in the area, we'll check that one out too and give a full report but I expect it will also be up to its usual high standards just like on Hamilton Avenue but now out in the 'burbs.

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  1. I remember the first time I went there with my dad and brother coming home from Philly. We differ on the toppings we like, so we ended up ordering more than we figured we could eat and that we'd just take the rest home.

    There was nothing left to take home.

    1. I believe there is a Halo Pub ice cream place 2 minutes from Delo's. In the same as Primo Hoagies.

      1. I went here a few times and really liked it. Then, our last experience was terrible. We arrived later than our usual with our toddler, so it was about 6 pm on a Sunday. We knew we had to wait for a table, but what I did not like was the host was clearly skipping over us to seat friends of his. He told us a 20 minute wait, but we waited an hour.

        We should have jut left, but it was so annoying having him keep bumping us and he could see my 2 year old was getting a little silly and wanted to run around.

        The pizza was still good, but once we sat, it was like we were forgotten. We had to ask to place the order because 2 different waiters said it was not there table!

        It left such a bad taste to me, that we will NEVER return.

        1. The building on Sloan Avenue was formerly a Bob Evans.