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Aug 17, 2013 05:01 AM

Places singles can go for dinner in downtown Toronto?

Does anyone know some?

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  1. I've travelled and eaten out A LOT solo.

    I personally like to sit at the bar when eating alone, because you can get a little interaction with the bar staff and neighboring patrons (if you so desire). I also see many many women doing the same, so it isn't just a guy thing anymore.

    In Toronto, places like Allens, Libretto, Queen Margherita, and most sushi places fit the bill.

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    1. re: PoppiYYZ

      I like dining solo at the front window at Libretto Danforth,which takes reservations.
      I also like eating at the counter at The Stockyards.

    2. What do you consider downtown?

      1. I love sitting at 'Starfish' oyster bar for my solo dinner!.
        Have a nice selection of bi-valves with a glass of white wine and then follow up with one of the best prepared fish dish in town. If you still have room after, go for their sticky toffee pudding!! Awesome!!!

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              Starfish is now Pearl Diver (mentioned later on this thread). I just had a fantastic solo meal at the bar there while in town for the evening on business. The bartender could not have been more welcoming or helpful. Had their marvelous, juicy burger and a great cocktail. Highly recommend! Same address as above.

          1. I agree PoppyYYZ .... I am one of those women .... I love sitting at the bar!!