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Aug 17, 2013 04:29 AM

westchester county or environs last hurrah before school/work

hi - I have a Thursday night dinner partner, we are both teachers. we live in the Ossining p'vlle area and mostly stay around here with occasional drives to dobbs, white plains, etc. Usually we are too tired to drive much further. For the end of summer we want to visit some towns further out, maybe even rockland/dutchess/ orange etc. No sushi, No indian, any other recommendations for a nice dinner out would be appreciated, not too worried about the cost, gotta spend the last of the summer check anyway!!

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  1. How about the 6 course tasting / wine pairing menu right down the road from you at the Kittle House? Or Alains French Bistro in Nyack? Il Cenacolo in Newburgh?

    1. The restaurants at the Culinary Institute are lovely, or you could try the Basement Bistro in Earlton. Nearby, Xaviers in Piermont, Hudson's in Nyack, and The Arch in Brewster come to mind. Enjoy yourselves.

      1. Second Il Cenacolo in Newburgh. If you're willing to trek up to Ulster County, A Tavola in New Paltz is one of my favorite restaurants. Have a great school year!

        1. realize it is not much of a drive, but iron horse grill strikes me as a very nice place for an occasion. or if you want to drive a bit, i have found stamford to have a wide selection. I'm always on the hunt for a great burger, so planning to get to a place called plan b to try them, or perhaps dinosaur bbq, also colony pizza should be tried. Or another untried by me , in or by the tarry town mar riot- cooper's mill- sounds very good, Anyway enjoy, and keep us posted. (this is probably too late for you....but