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Aug 17, 2013 04:03 AM

Dog Friendly And Chow Worthy?

My family just got our first puppy, a small poodle named Luigi. The weather has been beautiful, was looking for some outdoor lunch options where It would be acceptable for Luigi to tag along. We are near the intersection of rt 9 and rt 18 in Old Bridge. Willing go go a 1/2 hour, both shore and inland.

Thanks in advance fellow hounds!

Ps here is Luigi

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  1. I have seen dogs sitting outside at the Bistro in Red Bank. I would call to make sure the ordinances haven't changed. I have a poodle btw. Luigi very very cute.

    1. All restaurants with side walk seating in Red Bank are pet friendly to my knowledge.

      Closer to home for you is Panera in the Shops at Old Bridge. ( I think the Italian place there has out door seating) You also have downtown Freehold with Federici's, Court Jester and The Metro to name a few.

      I think naming a dog Luigi is just a precursor to getting him a brother Mario!

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        Ty son named him, who's name is.........Mario, lol