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Aug 17, 2013 01:31 AM

A la Biche au Bois - near Opera Bastille, monday night


We've done some research (thank you chowhounds!) and decided we'd like to eat here on a Monday night (late September) after the opera (Bastille). We think we'll be ready to eat around 9:30pm.

Should we book? And if so, how far in advance?

Many thanks.

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  1. Also, can anyone confirm if Le Bistrot du Dome (2 Rue Bastille) really has closed? (It was going to be our backup.)

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    1. re: millie_g

      Le Bistrot du Dome is no more. It's gone Italian - "Something-de-Venise". Completely re-done, re-opened early this year. Have never been to either, but live nearby.

      I would definitely book for La Biche - September is a busy month.

    2. I always book in Paris, for Biche usually same day i call in am.