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Is there a better hamburger bun than Publix's Onion Schnecken?

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I think not. Bought these instead of the Kaiser rolls I typically get, and they were perfect, possibly the ideal hamburger bun. They looked a bit thin, so I had reservations, but man, these were so good. Buttery on the outside, tender on the inside, substantial enough to hold in all the burger juices without getting soggy or falling apart. And tasty too, unlike their Kaiser roll. All in all, it's the new ideal for me.

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  1. Wanna try something really good? Get some Rhodes frozen "Texas" dinner roll dough. Take out what ever you need, takes about 5 hours for them to thaw and rise, bake at 375 for 15 minutes, excellent for burgers! Well made onion rolls are great too.

    1. Sounds like a side by side test sometime this week. Thanks for the recommendation.

      1. Their french hamburger rolls are also ridiculously good and we use them when grinding our own meats for burgers.