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Aug 16, 2013 09:57 PM

New Mexican restaurant coming to Marlboro

Driving up Rt. 9 North today, my wife saw a sign in front of Damon's Ribs that said "Coming Soon: Rosalita's". I said to myself.. that sounds like a Mexican place. I did a general Google search, and found that most restaurants with "Rosalita" in the name do indeed serve Mexican food or some variant.

Googled Rosalita Marlboro NJ and got "New Jersey by Rosalita's Roadside Cantina of Marlboro LLC" on the Google page, but not when I clicked on the link to Asbury Park Press. Hmmm.. we're getting somewhere. Further researched revealed...

Move over Paco's Taco's.. there's a new player in town...

That's a really interesting way to spell Tequila. :)

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  1. Maybe they were thinking of a "Tequilla Mockingbird" cocktail...

    1. So Damons closed and we are getting Mexican? Interesting. Hope its good, thankfully not another Italian place!!

      1. "New Mexican" I never knew New Mexico had its own regional cooking! (Joke people!!)

        I had never been to Damon's just looked to generic sports bar-ish to me.

        I saw the same sign yesterday morning while driving down rt. 9. Also noticed Pino's up the road a bit had changed to some "Tratoria". Some minor changes to the exterior facade.

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        1. re: jrvedivici

          Hi Jr. Actually New Mexican has a very unique and specific cuisine as I have
          friends who live in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Heavy use of green and red chiles incorporated within a framework of Spanish, Mexican, and most definitely Pueblo Native American.

          My one friend in Albq is Lebanese. Talk about a fusion of flavors coming out of that kitchen.

          1. re: JustJake

            New Mexico even offers a unique and special adaptation of the standard American cuisine, the Green Chile Cheeseburger! Unfortunately, this comment is likely as unrelated to this actual thread as the fat lady in the black bikini below...

            1. re: equal_Mark

              I think you got me with that one Mark!!

        2. Thanks for this information! Something to look forward to....

          1. I winder if it is going to be like a Jose Tejas?

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              1. re: jracpa

                Not if you have to wait over an hour to get in! LOL

              2. re: Angelina

                I sure hope not. Jose Tejas has a nice room, but it's nothing more than pedestrian Tex-Mex in a Pete & Elda's South of the Border ambience (loud, lot of laughter, families, and so so food) - one would be better off going down to Broadway in Long Branch for the real deal.

                1. re: JustJake

                  Try the French Quarter Chicken.

                  1. re: jracpa

                    Oh well. Another thread on Mexican food that quickly disintegrates into a distinct ethnic blur where the food is Americanized for their customers. I looked dish this up and it states it's like a Chicken Francaise - it may very well even be tasty, but it's not Mexican.

                    I'll keep North of the Border close to me for my Mexican and wish this new place well, hopefully they will serve indigenous peasant food for those folks out in western Monmouth county - God knows they could use it.

                    In the meantime, I'm roasting tomatillos, a head of garlic, one onion and three types of hot peppers (cayenne, thai finger and jalopena) for my Salsa Verde today.

                    1. re: JustJake

                      No, it is Cajun, like many of JT's fine dishes.

                      1. re: jracpa

                        Funny, the top post here references a new Mexican restaurant opening. And how quickly it disolves into posters hoping/needing/wanting it to be another Jose Tejas. lmao

                        I'm outta here.

                        1. re: JustJake

                          What's kind of funny is.. before moving back to NJ, I lived in Massachusetts. And we had a restaurant there, named the Border Cafe. Very popular Mexican restaurant. So, when I move to NJ, a friend says, hey, we gotta go to this great Mexican restaurant. So we go to Jose Tejas.. I walk in.. and think to myself.. well, this is weird, same exact decor as Border Cafe. And then, of course, same exact menu. So it's kinda sorta a chain, but I don't think they publicize it.

                          Oh, I checked out the menu for Rosalita's.. it's online now. Yeah, very Americanized. Good because my wife and kids will eat there. Bad because to me it's just not that special. No prices on the menu, either..

                      2. re: JustJake

                        Anyone who would compare French Quarter Chicken to Chicken Francaise has never had either dish.

                        I am not sure where all of the defensiveness re Mexican vs Tex Mex vs Cajun vs American Mex comes from. Who cares? Isn't tasty food the objective? Go to Mexico sometime, and not to the tourist spots. Mexico City, the grand daddy, street food, has nothing on what you can get up here.