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Favorite charcuterie in town- any standouts ?

We have recently had quite a few charcuterie plates as dinners this summer& had some hits and misses.
Favorites( almost always eaten at the bar& fully described by the bartenders) have been the Sycamore "board", Citizen Public board, Coppa( 3x this summer, and only 1 repeat each time) , Bergamots excellent charcuterie plate& the Salty Pig.
Any standouts for you?

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  1. I like the Washington Square Tavern and Salty Pig, both of whom do good charcuterie, as does Eastern Standard.

    1. Coppa is my clear favorite for charcuterie.

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        I'll second Coppa ( or third it since it was on Kewpie's list.) Had yet another wonderful there this week and they offer great service on the patio or at the bar. At the bar you get to see all the action with that beautiful slicer.


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          yes to coppa and esk. also have had some very good stuff at za, including sublime lardo.

        2. The Gallows has nice boards.

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              +1 on Belly. Some really nice stuff. Has anyone been to the Blue Room lately? Curious if they're serving it over there.

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                YES! belly. do NOT get there as much as i'd like.

              2. Coppa, Eastern Standard, The Gallows, Tavern Road, Russell House Tavern, Puritan & Company, The Citizen Public House, No. 9 Park, Rendezvous, Journeyman, Craigie on Main.


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                  only one missing from this list for me is Washington Square Tavern, which I see was mentioned elsewhere. Tip on Eastern Standard: ask if they have a seafood 'charcuterie' available. Smoked and cured fishes that made this Jewish boy tear up.

                  Shojo is in the process of putting out a charcuterie program. I am more than a little excited about what that could be.

                  Formaggio has a CSA-like thing for charcuterie (cheese as well). I highly recommend it. Has anyone else ever seen scrapple in Boston before? God, I want that for breakfast right now.

                2. second on eastern standard.
                  third on Russell house

                  1. I had one at Deep Ellum in July that was outstanding...

                    1. Coppa is my favorite but I tried the charcuterie platter at Shojo last night for the first time and was impressed. The 5 spice head cheese was a major standout.

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                        We got the chance to have a big group descend upon Belly this past week and got a fantastic charcuterie assortment ! Thanks for all of the recc! Will be trying out the Gallows tonight!

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                          you can get some pretty good charcuterie from Whole Foods or Formaggio's. And you can save on the cost of the wine and the service.

                          As i have said before, i like to go to a resto where they are preparing something that i do not want to prepare at home.

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                            i do not make my own charcuterie and like being waited on. :)

                            formaggio has some great stuff, but it's hardly inexpensive. i have never gotten anything at whole paycheck that remotely resembles what i can get at belly or coppa.

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                              Whole Foods has La Quercia product that i like; I think that Coppa uses them though they also make some of their own stuff. I order charcuterie at Coppa; I really liked their duck.

                              As to be waited on: chacun a son gout.

                      2. Had the board at Russell House Tavern the other night, and it was fantastic.

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                          Had a mind blowing charcuterie (2x) plate from Bergamot last night! We had few relatives in town from NYC and we tried 3 diff places over the course of the day. The professionals in the group( back of house guys) were very impressed with Bergamots finesse--- rabbit terrine with bens mushrooms??????? Oh. It was delicious

                        2. Love Salty Pig. I now need to try these other places that people have suggested. Can't wait.