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Aug 16, 2013 08:07 PM

Does pasteurized lime juice work for ceviche?

I am curious if typical pasteurized lime juice is ok for ceviche? For one part it's much easier because there is more of it and I don't have to go through squeezing lime after lime, and secondly I always prefer things pasteurized because I'm of the belief that cooking heals (not really a raw believer), I know the last part is just my humble opinion.

I will probably be doing a shrimp ceviche or chilean sea bass. Thank you!

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  1. does pasteurized orange juice taste as good to you as freshly squeezed? if so then you might find bottled lime juice okay.

    1. The acidity level is roughly the same, so it works.

      It doesn't taste as good, and ceviche is one of those things where the lime juice is a pretty central flavor to the dish. But it 'works.'

      1. Yeah, you'll get the ceviche cooking-like effect, but it won't taste as good as the bottled version, and the juice is an integral part of the dish.

        If you're going to eat raw fish, then raw lime juice is a minor issue in comparison.

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        1. re: tastesgoodwhatisit

          "but it won't taste as good as the bottled version" ?
          How about using.... limes?

        2. Bottled lemon/lime juices are often watered down. You don't want to take the risk of not "cooking" the fish because your acid is not strong enough.

          ABC News ran a consumer info segment that bottled lemon juice is almost always diluted, often to only 30% juice in the bottle, a finding of the Food Fraud Database. I'm presuming lime juice is also, since every lemon juice brand except one was diluted, IIRC.

          But besides all that (Mrs. Lincoln), fresh lime juice tastes so much better. And ceviche isn't ceviche without it.

          1. Hey thank you guys.
            robt: The mind is a powerful thing! I just usually prefer pasteurized juices, it's probably a combination of believing cooking makes food more accessible nutrient-wise and part comfort after trying out a raw food diet in my youth! Not a fan of raw anything here except maybe rare meat and lettuce!

            cowboy: That's what I was worried about, I just wanted to make sure the fish would still go through the same process. This is only a safety question really, will the fish get "cooked" the same using pasteurized juice? Thanks for the advice

            maria: Thank you greatly for that, I will look into it. I actually only shop at Whole Foods; let's see the bottled juice I have states it is 100% juice and it is organic so I would be shocked if what you said is true about the brand I have. I think people would have found out about it by now if it was Whole Foods and personally I doubt WF would EVER risk themselves like that! Thanks for the heads up!

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            1. re: curiousaboutcafos

              so you're eating *raw* fish, but you don't want to use *raw* juice, even though it will taste so much better?


              1. re: curiousaboutcafos

                You give whole foods way too much credit.

                Freshly squeezed juice tastes better.
                If you don't care then it doesn't matter.

                1. re: curiousaboutcafos

                  certain foods do become more bio-available with cooking. citrus fruit is not one of them. my mom always had both lemon lime juice in bottles in her fridge. they mostly just tasted acid-y, and not at all like the real deal.

                  if you're going through the trouble and expense of buying excellent fish that is suitable for eating essentially raw i don't get why you want to monkey with inferior "juice".

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    i can't imagine spending all that money on seafood only to put in pasteurized lime juice!

                  2. re: curiousaboutcafos

                    Just to comment on pasteurized juice. Read the book "Squeezed: What you don't know about orange juice." Or maybe not. You may never drink pasteurized OJ again.