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Aug 16, 2013 07:17 PM

Former food loving residents now tourists [San Francisco]

We used to live in Noe Valley and ate out fairly regularly. Some of our go to dinner places were Nopa, Boulevard, Perbacco, A16, Hamano Sushi, Eric's, Maverick, esperpento, to name a few. We haven't lived in the city for 6 years but we are coming back for a weekend. What are the must eat dinner restaurants? Price doesn't matter. We are in our early 30s so prefer something with a little relaxed vibe but we go anywhere for good food. We are coming from LA.

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  1. Coqueta is the newest place with buzz and reputedly good food. There's a lot of Cal-Italian (Cotogna, Locanda etc.), great bakeries (B Patisserie, Craftsman & Wolves, Knead etc.).

    AQ & Rich Table are the new raves on the more innovative/experimental food front. AQ is generally loved - Rich Table is slightly more uneven. Take a look at the menus and see if that's something you are down with.

    If you haven't seen it before, this is a good list of new restaurants: