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Aug 16, 2013 06:53 PM

pepper jelly won't jell

I have twice had my bell pepper/jalapeno pepper refuse to jell when using the various recipes and the exact recipes and Sure-Jell called for. I'm not sure what is wrong ( i have drained them also to reduce liquid). I tried putting some Xantham gum in the mixture but its not working either. My next move is to dump it all back in the pot and add more pectin, but I hate to do that.

Does anyone know why this keeps happening. I used 3 cups of bell peppers and 1 cup of jalapeno, 1 cup of cider vinegar and 5 cups or sugar. To this, I added 1 package of pectin, according to the recipes and its not working.

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  1. What recipe are you using, happy? That might help the 'hounds do some post-canning detective work.

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    1. re: nofunlatte

      The one in my question. I don't know where it came from, but on the web somewhere.

      3 cups bell peppers
      1 cup jalapenos
      5 cups sugar
      1 cup cider vinegar
      1 package dry sure jell.

      Bring to boil for abourt 2-3 minutes, add the pectin, boil one minute. Many of the ones I've seen don't use that many bell peppers and one of them says to puree in the food processor and squeeze out all the liquid. I don't like them pureed, I want the chunks. Thank you for responding.

      1. re: happygoluckyinoregon

        When you do the second boil, is it a hard boil (i.e. a boiling liquid that is bubbling furiously and can't be stirred down)? Wait until you CAN'T subdue the bubbling, and then start your timer. If you are already doing that for the second boil, then I'm not sure what to do. I've made a sweet pepper jam with little chunks (using Pomona pectin) that set up well, but I've not used Sure-Jell (which, I assume, is similar to Ball pectin) for my sweet pepper jam.

        ETA: I used the hard boil for my other jams and preserves. Also, my sweet pepper jam recipe has me simmering the pepper-vinegar mixture for 15 minutes AFTER the first boil (which is done to dissolve the sugar). Is your sugar completely dissolved when you do the second boil?

        1. re: nofunlatte

          I just opened the jars and added a tsp more of the pectin. Just can't be bothered anymore with it. I have had about 5 different solutions, so will just have to use my own judgment. The second batch I did this morning is a test batch - I reduced the bell peppers by adding a pinch of salt and squeezing out about a cup of liquid before cooking. I do all the other things correctly, so will see how this works and report back after finishing. Thanks to everyone for their help and information.

          1. re: happygoluckyinoregon

            Good luck, happy. That has tobe frustrating.