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Aug 16, 2013 04:39 PM

The Taste - 2013. Anyone going?

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  1. Saving my money for the Alex loves lemonade stand at culver studios, September 28.
    Best food event of the year and you help fund research for childhood cancer.

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    1. re: maudies5

      Plow through the main link and you will find a list of all of the chefs coming to CC for this event. They come from all over and are among the greatest names in the culinary world.

      1. re: maudies5

        I'd love to go but that's just too baller for me right now, esp. Because I can get tix to taste for $56.

        1. re: ns1

          Yes. $175.00 pp is a lot of money. OTOH, it is exciting to meet the best chefs in the U.S. and taste their best dishes. As well, it is an open bar, as well as a great chance to taste some of the best wines represented in the U.S. Last year we had a chance to taste great clam chowder from "Connie and Teds" before they had even opened. I see that that Michael Cimmarusti will be there again. Food tasting events can not possibly be better than this one.

        2. re: maudies5

          Somehow, I could never see being able to eat/drink that much in food & drink product at any one time event, especially with dealing with lines, parking, heat, seating, etc.

          I'd much rather donate at restaurants when I'm there, which we do already, as it just isn't worth my time & money for four on a one day event, no matter how many world class chefs I would get to meet.

          Now if I were single, without kids, that would probably be a different story.

          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

            Go once and you will change your mind. I feel the same way as you. However, this event is very special and comfortable.
            Here are the chefs who are participating this year. You will also feel good about meeting children whose lives have been changed forever because of the participation and altruism of these hard working chefs, vintners, bartenders, etc.
            Meet the Chefs

            Matt Accarrino (San Francisco, CA) - A16, SPQR
            Chris Bianco (Phoenix, AZ ) - Pizzeria Bianco, Pane Bianco, Bar Bianco, Union Jacks
            April Bloomfield (New York, NY) - The Breslin, The Spotted Pig, The John Dory Oyster Bar
            Michael Cimarusti (Los Angeles, CA) - Connie & Ted's, Providence LA
            Giada De Laurentiis (Los Angeles, CA) Giada at Home, "Cooking with Giada, Everyday Italian
            Vinny Dotolo (Los Angeles, CA) - Animal, Son of a Gun
            Susan Feniger (Los Angeles, CA) - Street, Border Grill
            Neal Fraser (Los Angeles, CA) - The Strand House
            Suzanne Goin (Los Angeles, CA) - AOC, Lucques, Tavern, The Larder at Maple Drive
            Hedy Goldsmith (Miami, FL) - Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
            Gabrielle Hamilton (New York, NY) - Prune
            Maria Hines (Seattle, WA) - Tilth
            Brian Huston (Chicago, IL) - Publican
            Anthony Keene (Los Angeles, CA) - Gordon Ramsay at The London West Hollywood
            Adam Perry Lang (New York, NY) - Barbecoa, CarneVino, Daisy May's BBQ USA
            Ludo Lefebvre (Los Angeles, CA) - Trois Mec
            David Lentz (Los Angeles, CA) - The Hungry Cat
            Donald Link (New Orleans, LA) - Cochon Butcher, Cochon, Herbsaint
            Jenn Louis (Portland, OR) - Lincoln, Sunshine Tavern
            Katrina Markoff (Chicago, IL) - Vosges Haut-Chocolat
            Mary Sue Milliken (Los Angeles, CA) - Border Grill
            Matt Molina (Los Angeles, CA) - Osteria Mozza, Pizzeria Mozza
            Zoe Nathan (Los Angeles, CA) - Rustic Canyon, Huckleberry, Sweet Rose Creamery, Milo and Olive
            Nancy Oakes (San Francisco, CA) Boulevard
            Zach Pollack (Los Angeles, CA) - Sotto
            Naomi Pomeroy (Portland, OR) - Beast
            Steve Samson (Los Angeles, CA) - Sotto
            Michael Schwartz (Miami, FL) - Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Harry's Pizzeria
            Jon Shook (Los Angeles, CA) - Animal, Son of a Gun
            Johnathan Sundstrom (Seattle, WA) - Lark
            Michael Tusk (San Francisco, CA) - Quince
            Jonathan Waxman (New York, NY) - Barbuto
            Rocco Whalen (Cleveland, OH) - Fahrenheit, Rocco's Nachos & Tacos
            Shiho YoshiKawa (Los Angeles, CA) - Sweet Rose Creamery

            There has always been adequate seating as well as a great play area for kids, complete with a Pink's Hot Dog truck. This event is FUN! Hope you reconsider.

            1. re: maudies5

              Oh, I don't doubt at all the good things that this charity does.

              But neither I nor my husband would be able to get over a $700 price tag to eat & drink for four.....even with the playground and Pinks hot dog truck thrown in...... We've still got private school and college to pay for......

              Now that I think of it...back about 20 years ago, we ate at the French Laundry, and the tab for four was less than that.....

              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                I don't think that kids are charged full price. Worth checking into.

                1. re: maudies5

                  We get it. Alex lemonades Stand is awesome. When I'm a whale hound I'll be going for sure.

                  1. re: ns1

                    They would be happy to accept even a $5.00 donation.

                  2. re: maudies5

                    No charge for kids 12 and under. I checked today.

                2. re: maudies5

                  The price of the ticket goes toward an incredible cause.
                  It's like any other charity event...nobody necessarily goes for the food or drinks but for the charity in mind. Of course, with this event, everyone wins because the food is tasty and very memorable.
                  In my opinion, the cost isn't really that high considering what this event is, and has been, all about.
                  It's charity.

            2. so uh, anyone going? Let's just say I only have $110 available for 2 tickets, so any discussion of $175pp is a moot point.

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              1. re: ns1

                Yes - we're going to the two evening ones, as we've done before. Mrs. O is heavily involved with the ad graphics and signage, so we have a sort of proprietary interest, and while the daytime things look fun enough it's just too hot and sticky for this old duffer. The evening events will also have a diminished likelihood of Stroller Encounters …

                1. re: Will Owen

                  How's the crowds? Similar to Gold Standard or...?

                  Do you feel it's worth the price of admission, or are you going for your obligations?

                  1. re: ns1

                    Depends on what you mean by "obligations." If you mean would I go if my spouse were not? Probably not. However, I'm hard enough to drag out of the house these days, but "Let's go" and "I'm paying" work every time. Especially if there's food and drink involved.

                    I know of few other such events, but I'll say that the crowds for these things are much larger than I really like, but there's usually someplace to find some refuge. That lot has lots of nooks, crannies and odd places to sit if you don't mind smudging your pants a bit, and we usually find some actual chairs along towards the end of things after the crowd thins out.

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      I mean this obligation, which I now read as more of an vested interest "Mrs. O is heavily involved with the ad graphics and signage, so we have a sort of proprietary interest"

                      1. re: ns1

                        There was no obligation, but Times workers (both employees and freelancers) get a break on the tickets, I believe - I don't pry into these things, not when I'm buying only the gas.

                        @ TonyC - the crowds at night can get rowdy, especially at Cocktail Confidential, but if one is not in an over-served state they're easier to deal with, and at least it's not hot. The long lines help at keeping on more sober, as it pads the intervals between samples, and there's some good nosh to be had as well. The first one, downtown, had a wonderful wild-boar ragu with pasta from Drago Centro that I ate about a quart of …

                    2. re: ns1

                      The crowd is more LAT readers, less Chow posters than, GS. The lot gets pretty messy, and (drunk) people end up sitting randomly on curbs, stoops, etc.

                      The lines can be excruciating, but at least some of the events are at night.

                2. The roster does not look like anything special, and as others have posted, the sloppyness factor takes over during the evening shifts.
                  Yet Alex vs. Wolfgang's $350 gig is lose/lose.
                  Stay at home, buy a good bottle of wine, and enjoy the company of choice.
                  And use the leftover funds to donate to YOUR charity of choice.