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Aug 16, 2013 04:20 PM

SF and Napa in October

Headed to SF and Napa October 18-23. Will be two days in SF then in Napa. In the process of getting restaurants set up. What are the current places that Chowhounds are loving?

We are working on French Laundry rez. Staying at Calistoga Ranch,and concierge said she has had good success. Was thinking about hitting Gary Danko. Was there a few years back and it was outstanding. We love great local places with great food. We are as happy in a local dive with outstanding tapas, as we are at Per se. Thanks for input!

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  1. Search this board. These questions are always asked at the start of lots and lots of threads on here. Also, check out other sites (eater's top 38 or their heat map etc).

    Sorry that I can't be more helpful. My guess is that you and I might have different preferences. I was pretty disappointed by the French Laundry and I've thought both my meals at Gary Danko were a total waste of money (the latter gets a lot of pans on this board). Not that I have anything against fancy fine dining—lord knows I've spent far too much on michelin stars all over the world—but those meals were worse than restaurants that charged 1/6 of the price.

    1. Just got back from Calistoga Ranch (disappointing compared to the other places we've stayed...). Enjoyed the following eats:

      Redd Wood - really wonderful pastas (bucatini with tomato and guanciale) and salads (chopped salad, summer vegetable salad).

      Goose & Gander - excellent cocktails and probably the best burger I've had; Thai shrimp salad is recommended, as well

      French Blue - Milk Punch & ham and egg biscuit breakfast sandwich

      Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen - Oysters Bingo and Rabbit Tostada are favorites

      1. Napa hasn't changed too much? Redd is still a fan favorite.

        In SF, at the highest end there is Saison, Benu (a few French Laundry alums there), Atelier Crenn all of which are more experimental than Gary Danko.

        There's a new tapas place Coqueta that has really good buzz at the moment.