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Aug 16, 2013 04:20 PM

Tomatoes: what are you doing with them?

How are you dealing with them?

Our CSA has had delicious ones this year. This week we have to eat 3+ a day to get through the week. Oh if all of life's problems could be so delicious!

We've had a lot of:


Tomato and fried egg sandwiches

Pa am tomaquet (


Tomato Paella (


Leftover paella fried rice with eggs


Tomato/Basil/ Mozzerella

Tomato/ chickpea/ celery/ red onion salad

Tomato/ roasted eggplant on whole wheat salad

Any good recipes for a tomato stuffed with nice canned tuna?

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  1. Roasted tomatoes to put on everything, broiled tomatoes topped with Romano, roasted tomato soup, margharita pizza,
    To put in halved tomatoes, tuna tossed in EVOO with minced red onion, capers, and a squeeze of lemon.

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      1. re: tim irvine

        I always have a small stash of roasted tomatoes that I purchase from the olive bar in my supermarket. They have been roasted and have lots of garlic and salt. Anyone else tried to replicate these little delicasies? I would love to preserve some of our garden supply.

        1. re: chocchic

          I've done a basic roast-in-the-oven for tomatoes, sometimes adding garlic. Is that the flavor you're looking for? Best results I had were low heat/long time, up to 8 hours. Kept the oven door cracked open. (I did this at night, 'cause last thing I want during a hot summer day is to turn on the oven.)

          1. re: pine time

            the ones I've purchased are a little different than just roasted. they are sold on an olive bar and seem sort of briny but not really pickle taste. they are in some sort of marinate dressing it's light but tasty. The ones I've roasted at home have a pretty straightforward tomato taste while these are a little more complex.

            1. re: chocchic

              I like this recipe from epicurious. As pine time says, 8 hrs. really gives a concentrated flavor yet the tomatoes still stay juicy. It's super easy since it's all hands-off once you get them in the oven. I like to toss them with pasta, parm and plenty of fresh basil, but they're terrific on sandwiches as well.


      2. When the good ones are in season we almost live on the tomato salad I learned from the cook where we visited in Burgundy. She just cut them into very thick slices, and those into chunks (like stew meat), then tossed with salt, pepper, some parsley and good olive oil. I love that, but Mrs. O always asked for some vinegar, so I add that too. And then she adds more!

        When the Beefsteaks are ripe I cut them crosswise in halves, salt and pepper, then squeeze some garlic onto each and drizzle with olive oil. I've found that I can set these on the rack in the toaster oven, turn the toast dial all the way to DARK and they're done perfectly! YMMV - my oven's a DeLonghi that takes about eight minutes to toast bread.

        1. tomato, black bean, quinoa ,cilantro, hatch chilli wrap

          1. Topped with mayo, parmesan, salt and pepper and put under the broiler until brown and bubbly

            1. With such amazing tomatoes baking a stuffed tomato doesn't seem right... I had a gorgeous fancy salad where they had hollowed the middle of a raw one (use the insides on your pan con tomate) and the inside was filled with a quinoa veggie mix.
              You could make the tuna, stuff the tomatoes, top with cheese and broil a few minutes to have a take on a tuna melt.

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              1. re: Ttrockwood

                I was thinking of raw tomatoes stuffed with tuna/parsley/garlic/salt/pepper and covered with some crispy breadcrumbs. Cooking them seams criminal.