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Aug 16, 2013 03:57 PM

Chinese Dim Sum + Taiwanese snacks in the LA /Orange County Area

Hi Guys, I will be going to LA for vacation next month. I wish to go to an authentic dim sum restaurant. I have been to Sea Harbour and Elite Restaurants (I liked Sea Harbour better). Do you have any other suggestions?

Also, for Taiwanese food and snacks, do you have any good recommendations? I know I may be asked later so I will spell out specifically, I like Taiwanese style mini hot pots, Porridge with side dishes, Pork Chop Over Rice, Meat Ball (Bah Wan) and Oyster/Intestine Noodle Threads (Oh-Ah/Dua Deng Mee-Sua).

By the way, a friend of mine told me Kang Kang's Food Court has good snacks. Is that right? Any thoughts you have will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Taiwanese style mini hot pots: Boiling Point. Pick a location.

    Porridge with side dishes: Lu's Garden

    Pork Chop Over Rice: which style? Red yeast, Monja. Plain (but proper starch coating), Old Country Cafe

    Meat Ball (Bah Wan): monja, bebe fusion

    Oyster/Intestine Noodle Threads (Oh-Ah/Dua Deng Mee-Sua): Monja? I'm kidding. Happy Garden. If you're ok with just chitlin', Old Country.

    Kang Kang's good for drowing one's sorrow in cheap shaved ice as one ponder why one's still single at 41. The food is sloppy, dirty and caters to the least common denominator these days.

    Bonus round: T&A -- Indian

    I remember your Chicago Taiwanese thread. Seems like you did finally find Taiwanese breakfast at International Mall. That trip out to Westmont was always a major case of self-loathing for me. You gotta go there to get it, but once you did, you kinda wish you didn't.

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      Thanks! Yeah.. International Mall is no fun but it's the only thing I can get. A few folks have told me to go to Chicago Chinatown for Taiwanese food but I am still not convinced it's as good as LA's.

      As to your question on Pork Chop Over Rice, I like the plain ones. Looks like Old Country has most of the items I like, I will try to go back again next time! Sounds like I can skip Kang Kang's then... I think I should be ok with that since I will only be in the LA area for a couple of days.

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        Taiwanese food in Chicago is a fairly recent phenomenon and there's no comparison to Los Angeles. Indeed there's no comparison between Flushing and Los Angeles, though Flushing Taiwanese is being invigorated by branches of LA Taiwanese restaurants. But with dozens and dozens of Taiwanese places, LA is far ahead of anybody else in the new world.


      One stop shopping. Enjoy the clusterfuck. Try to eat some food while you're at it.

      Enjoy LA.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        If it was an all chicken night market would it be a "flustercluck?"

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          It's not bad if you go at open (4 PM), you pretty much have free reign until after 6 PM.

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            Thanks! This one looks good and I have never been. If time allows, I will have to check it out!

            1. re: bearmi

              And it tends to be less busier on Sundays, although this year's last incarnation of the 626 Night Market will be held during Labor Day weekend, so both nights may be packed. It is lighter when the sun is still out...