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Aug 16, 2013 03:55 PM

PVD restaurant with great beer list

Hi everyone. I have a semi urgent question. We have friends from Philadelphia joining us tomorrow for dinner. I of course know the restaurant scene here but I know nothing of beer anywhere and our friends are beer snobs. We're thinking West End or Federal Hill or downtown but would also consider La Laiyrrie if they have the beer chops. Pubs are too informal for this. Help!

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  1. Julian's. Or is hipster too informal? If you need less hipster, La Laiterie would do the trick.

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      Also, Chez Pascal has local beer on tap from the Bucket Brewery (brewed in Pawtucket). Don't let the name fool you - it's quite good! Growlers can be purchased for home at Bottles.

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        What a challenge! I lived in Philly for a few years, and those folks have access to a big universe of beer! I'd second Julian's. Nick's on Broadway down the street has a smaller but nice selection in a slightly more "formal" atmosphere (still really hip and some of the best food around.) Actually, The Avery has a good beer selection too, but no food. You could eat anyplace on Broadway or at North afterwards though. La Laiterie only has 4 beers on tap any given night, but they're all usually excellent.
        I've had a few interesting beers at the Congress Tavern downtown, especially imports. Wouldn't go out of my way to eat there.
        Outside of town, the Malted Barley, as already noted, and Mew's Tavern are good beer spots. Good luck, and let us know whether you manage to subdue the snobs!

      2. In warwick, Doughertys has a big line up

        1. If you are able to leave pvd, the Malted Barley in Westerly, hands down.

          1. I wanted to give everyone feedback from what we did. With our friends in tow, we gave them several options and they chose Julians. My wife and I were very interested to see if the experience would be different from the last few times we did Julian's for dinner several years ago (when our view was slow service, great apps, so-so entrees).

            Well, this evening was a carbon copy of our prior visits. First of all, our beer savvy friends loved the beer list. They felt it was deep, rich, and put together by someone very knowledgable. So, THANK YOU, Chow-folk. Mission accomplished.

            As far as food, is was deja-vu. The menu sounds splended and indeed again, the apps were outstanding. But, again, all of our entrees were very so-so. The most complementary coment was "interesting" and I, personally, didn't really enjoy my entree at all. My wife was very mixed on her food. Service, as we predicted and warned our friends about, was at best nearly absent and at worst so bad we wondered if our hipster server had gone home, but, again, predicted.

            So, thanks to all for the suggestions! That's what makes Chow great.

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              I have not tried this tiny tavern on Rt. 1A/Narragansett Blvd. in Providence, but a review in the Providence Journal seemed quite positive. They feature many local, craft brews and the food menu looks intriguing. Maybe next time...

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                They deserve support simply for bringing back the iconic RI expression "What Cheer."

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                  Very interesting bar menu. Look forward to checking it out.

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                    I thought so too -- a spin on the traditional NY System wiener is very clever.

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                  I have been there recently; I love the place. The beer choices are outstanding and the food choices ehhh. They do not pretend to be a restaurant; they are a bar/tavern and produce bar/finger food.
                  I use it as the place where the group meets up, has a few beers and heads out to dinner. Come early, come late and there's no issue.
                  Hope that helps
                  Their cocktails are also outstanding and varied