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Aug 16, 2013 02:58 PM

Uway Malatang Restaurant?

Any experiences with this place? It appears to be a Sichuan/hot pot place inside the Pacific Rim building.

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  1. I made an account just to say this: the place is near my office, I've been for lunch several times. the hand pulled noodles are great. haven't actually done hot pot there yet

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      I tried the dan dan noodle soup and some cold Sichuan dishes today. The cold dishes were for the most part more limited and relatively bland as compared with those at, say, Spiced. However, the dan dan was a MASSIVE portion of hand-shaven noodles with a rich nutty, porcine broth with a decent dose of ma la flavor.

    2. I checked the hot pot out and really want to go back and try more--they had hand pulled noodles (not available with hot pot) and jian bing (on specials menu, but she said they always have it)

      Hot Pot: first off, I love that there is a place now where I can get hot pot alone. Not that I do often, but I don't like that it always had to be in groups. MAYBE I DON'T WANT TO SHARE. Or, if I weren't alone, we could have gotten some hot pot and some other stuff, which would have been nice.

      It is pay by the pound, which for me, is great, because I really like certain things and don't need a lot of the filler. I got to pack my bowl with lamb and fish and whatever. Also, they have great variety, including my favorite greens (chrysanthemum) and all sorts of random delicious things that I now can't remember off the top of my head.

      They do cook it for you, which isn't my favorite (it all arrives already in the broth), but it worked, I was happy. I will definitely be back.

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      1. re: dagoose

        Boiling Point in Bellevue also does individual hot pots. Love the option for lunch on cold days.

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          Yes, and there's one in the ID now too (next to Uwajimaya).

      2. That looks really interesting, thanks for the head's up. The mini hot pot looks great as do the noodles (and the spicy sauce over noodles...intriguing....). I'll try not to hold the Szechuan burger against them. :)

        So is the cooler set up like a salad bar, where you make a bowl of what you want then they put it in the hot pot?

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