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54 Below

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Anyone had dinner there prior to one of their shows? If so, what are your thoughts?

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    1. I have not eaten there, however i am skeptical that it would be a wonderful meal. I'm sure its fine for a cheese plate or light apps. This thread has some excellent suggestions for other options in the area:
      Out of those listed toloache would be my pick

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          I should make clear that I love it as a cabaret venue. Just don't the food and cocktails are that good.

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            That's too bad. They seem to have some great performers and I was looking forward to trying it on my next trip to the city since i am a big musical theater fan. My original question was motivated by wanting to know if the food was descent and worth eating there since they have a minimum anyway and I'm assuming those having dinner get better seating.

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              I would suggest to go and see the show, it does sound amazing. Just eat before hand and have a few drinks to meet the min or know the food is probably not awesome and have dinner there.