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Charged for a comp !

Had a great time at local good restaurant where we were treated like royalty.
When the check came we were charged for a VIP amuse bouche. Did not complain as we were comped a lot, but thought most unusual.
Did this happen to anyone else?

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  1. How can they legally charge you for that, if you didn't order it. Is it like they upcharged a prix fixe menu? Seems bizarre.

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      Of course, you are right, but they did not charge me corkage as well as three other amuse reserved for, as they say, VIP's as well as two glasses of their wine. Yes they were wrong, but how could l complain?

    2. I totally would have complained. If I didn't order it, I'm not paying for it!! :-)

      1. "Did this happen to anyone else."

        Do you mean ever, or at this unnamed event?

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        1. Yeah it's happened to me before. I just chalked it up to another place I won't be back to. i've also been charged for bread and butter before, and didn't ask for it either.

          1. I've never been charged for an amuse bouche. Here, in Europe, it is inherently a " compliments of the chef" free item.

            1. Nope, never!

              What was it?

              1. Sounds like you got a lot of free stuff. If you had a good time, why complain here if you didn't complain there?

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                  I agree with Firegoat on this one! In this situation that the OP has described , I would weigh the $ vs the amount saved ( figured out in my head) . Sounds like it came out in your favor ?
                  We often get freebies or comps and take my time looking at the final bill, and haven't ever, as I remember , come out behind.( and by FAR)
                  I do assume that an amuse bouche is usually free of charge tho.

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                    Perhaps you might read my original post, l did not complain just thought unusual.

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                      It's strange they would give so many freebies then risk pissing you off with a random charge. Was that item on the menu? Did the receipt say "amuse bouche"? Because I'm wondering if there was a mix up or miscommunication (not on your part - either you ordered it or you didn't - I'm going to assume they didn't say something like "are you interested in item x?" and just brought it - but between server and management or kitchen). I would not hold it against them based on the experience you describe.

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                        Let me amend my post. Why bring it up here in disparaging terms when you didn't take it up with the restaurant in question at the time of the incident? And it sounds like you got a lot of free stuff.

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                          Some people are move confident behind a keyboard than in person. Plus, this is a discussion forum... so ... its simply a topic for people to discuss.

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                            I have no idea regarding your skills in interpreting English, but no criticism or anything disparaging was intended or said. By now l am sorry l even brought it up to Chowhound.

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                              Don't be sorry for bringing it up. If you were comped alot, I would interpret that as you ordered somethings and were not charged for them. If you were brought something you did not order, you should not have been charged for it. Whether or not you felt compelled to pay for it is another matter. (I would have paid as well in the same situation.)

                            2. re: Firegoat

                              The OP did not use any "disparaging terms." He simply thought it unusual and wanted to know if it ever happened to anyone else.

                        2. I often see the Amuse Bouche listed on the bill, but with the price of $0.00 next to the item. The many kitchens, the staff makes what is ordered on the bill, so the Amuse must be included in the bill so that it can be made.

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                          1. re: KarenDW

                            There were a few of them listed at $ 0.00, but one was charged.

                            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                              I would bet my bottom dollar that they punched in the wrong item and charged you by accident instead of hitting the comp key.

                              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                Depending on how I was otherwise treated, I'd pay. Maybe it was an error?

                            2. That's really bizarre. Why comp you things but then charge for the item that is always free?

                              1. I'm assuming that you didn't specifically order a "VIP" amuse bouche. If you did not, I'm sure it was an error. Assuming that it was a modest charge, I wouldn't say anything. Now, if the same thing happens the next time you are there, I'd simply inquire as to whether or not it's a mistake.