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Aug 16, 2013 11:11 AM

Vegetarian in Berkeley/Oakland

Looking for a good restaurant in Berkeley with good vegetarian options. Can be exclusively vegetarian or not - just want good, interesting food! Thanks. (Price range - anything)

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  1. In Berkeley: Ajanta (Indian), Padi (Indonesian), Bartavelle, Gather (fits your criteria, though I didn't love it), maybe Gaumenkitzel (German).

    In Oakland: Juhu Beach Club (Indian), Nature Vegetarian (Chinese), Encuentro.

    1. Bowl'd or Spooned, China Village, Ramen Shop, Hawker Fare.

      They don't have a lot of veg options, but I have always liked the Townhouse's veg plate. Haven't been for a long time but also used to always get goat cheese quiche and romaine salad at Britt Marie's.

      Chez Panisse Cafe (get the nettles pizza and salad and be beyond happy), Camino, Corso.

      1. Cha-Ya has no non-vegetarian option.I believe cash only.

        1. Encuentro
          Udupi Palace
          Cafe Colucci
          Cha Ya
          Disco Volante

          1. I've had multiple recommendations for Encuentro in the past few months. Ensarro is another. Though it is not a veg spot, I've been with vegetarians at A Cote who found enough options to build a nice meal.

            I absolutely love China Village (Albany) and how they handle tofu.

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              Encuentro is the only veg place in the entire world that I lust after and will find an excuse to visit - from a confirmed omnivore. Helps massively if you like wine though - not as special if you don't.

              Not mentioned :: Mua. Lots of good apps, and I only get the apps there anyway, went there with some vegitarians and all were happy. They have a special version of their Mua Burger that's veg. +1 drinks.