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Aug 16, 2013 10:17 AM

Private dining room for party of 13

Looking for a place to have a bday dinner for 13 people somewhere near north austin or downtown preferably.

We want something a little nicer than chuy's.

Our first choice was Jack Allen's Kitchen but our guests are coming from Pflugerville and south austin so each location would be super convenient for half the group, and a pain to get to for the other half.

Help y'all! :)

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  1. The Clay Pit has a nice room for that size group

    1. I took my lab of 11 or so of us to Asia Cafe one day for lunch - outstanding as always. Nothing fancy, but better than it used to be as far as ambiance (still, little to speak of). Food is always great if you know what you're ordering. We had our own room.

      1. Roaring Fork downtown has a room, I think we had a dozen or so people.

        1. the vault room at perrys steak house?
          jefferies(its kind of pricey though)
          uchiko has a lovely on( you all should have known I would throw it in there)
          is Congress still open?
          then there are some of the places at The Domain

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            Good suggestions! We just went to Jefferie's for Mother's Day and Perry's for Father's Day.

            Uchiko is a possibility...