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Illustrated Montreal travelogue in the recent Saveur!

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One of my favorite webcomics artists, Sarah Becan, was in town earlier this summer and illustrated she and her partner's trip! It's lovely!


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  1. What a great read! Thanks for the heads up.

    Oh, and Go Blackhawks! ;)

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      Incredible. They really nailed all the details... like including all the legitimate smoked meat options (although I'd perhaps have swapped Lester's for Rueben's.... if desperate).

      1. re: Fintastic

        Yes very nicely done, if I want to be pedantic she added an e to Royal on the Plateau one. But so many other things are right that I could not care less.

    2. It's only on their website though, not in the magazine itself. But it's a great travelogue!

      1. Any idea what is that "perfect bar"?

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