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Aug 16, 2013 09:29 AM

new patisseries on queen mary road

Has anyone checked out the new patisserie on Queen Mary called "Patisserie Paries"? It is on the south side of QM a little west of Earnscliffe.

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  1. I checked this myself today. The address is 5490 Queen Mary rd. south side of QM, between Earnscliffe and Clanranald. The hours are 7 or 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening. Small place with a few cakes, pastry, small cookies like in the Italian bakeries. Oh yes, they also had cronuts which I tried. Very nice, light and not at all greasy. $2.99 for the cronuts. Medium size cakes around $21-$22. Small cakes around $16. Pastries $2.99 - $3.99. Lots of chocolate mousse pastries. She's been open about a month. The phone number is 514-360-3130. The name is: Patisserie Paries. I wil proably go back if I need a cake for an occasion.

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      Thanks for the report! Let us know about the cakes if you try them.

      1. re: kpzoo

        I have tried several cakes and they were all very good. Not too sweet and high quality ingredients. A nice size black forest (good for at least 10-15 people) was $20.00. A fruit flan on the small side was also $20.00. I will definitely buy there again.

      2. re: yeggy

        This place is a godsend to the Queen-Mary area west of D├ęcarie! I'll be reviewing it on my blog soon!

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          Please tell me what your blog link is, unless of course it is confidential, I would love to check it out. Thanks

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            Yeggy, she links it her profile, click her username.

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            Good review :-)


            I'm going to try a cake from here tomorrow - I'll report back.

            1. re: kpzoo

              The cake was very good and I'd definitely get one there again. Went with a chocolate-raspberry mousse for about $28 for 10-12 people. A bit on the sweet side despite the server saying their cakes weren't too sweet. Maybe that's unavoidable with a chocolate mousse cake though. ;-)

              They had other cakes including chocolate-honey, chocolate-almond, fruit & custard tart, lemon tart, something strawberry-shortcakeish, and white black forest. The server gave me a piece of Tunisian pastry to try - seemed like a baklava variant and was delicious. Friendly and pleasant, I'll be back.