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Aug 16, 2013 09:15 AM

Restaurants rec's? (staying at The Phoenician)

Hi everyone,

Would love your dinner restaurant recommendations... Our annual birthday trip to The Phoenician is at the end of August. I was disappointed to learn that Deseo is closed until October (it would have been our first time). While it sounds like it is in a league of it's own, are there another restaurants that have a similar menu?

We always enjoy Tapas Papa Frita (food and ambiance - we sit outside) and stopped going to The Chart House after two "misses" two years in a row. Prior to that it was always on the list... BTW, we gravitate towards seafood.


A Chicagoan who's heart is on Camelback :)

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  1. We usually stay at the Phoenician in August as well..5* resort for cheap cheap cheap..

    We hit up J&G at the resort for the burger and beer special.
    T. Cooks at Royal Palms is another chef and redo..check on reopening date.
    Love the tapas and drinks at Montelucia resort
    Lon's at the Hermosa is lovely and is a must...serving B/L/D

    1. Since you mention liking seafood you might enjoy Shin Bay for sushi. It's usually considered one of the three best restaurants in the valley. Expensive.

      For simpler seafood dishes that I find interesting maybe Nobuo at Teeter House. This is a pretty simple restaurant downtown beside the Arizona Science Center and across the walk from the famed Pizzeria Bianco. Nobu won a James Beard Award for "Best Chef - Southwest" a few years back at an earlier restaurant and most of the dishes I've had there were very good, yet it's relatively inexpensive.

      Of the other places mentioned I dined at T. Cooks once and didn't care for it. Typical resort food at above average prices ... I think you can do much better elsewhere. But this was three chefs back so maybe things have changed.