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Aug 16, 2013 09:04 AM

south lake tahoe?

Greetings, I will be south lake tahoe for two nights.. Please chowhounds give me your recommendations for what you consider some great eats,, lowbrow or highbrow,,, but just good eats is what I want,,, thanks so much.

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  1. My intel is perhaps a bit out of date, but the following would have been good three years ago. I'm tempted to say some were "great," but that might be the rosy glow of nostalgia.

    Breakfast: Bert's. The guy in the Hawaiian shirt knows what he's doing. Biscuits and gravy, in addition to pancakes, are recommended.

    Lunch: (1) Sprouts Cafe. Solid veggie fare, particularly like the openfaced hummus bagel. (2) Jalisco Grill. A good local's spot. Better mexican than the other options.

    Dinner: (1) Naked Fish. I know, sushi next to a landlocked state is unpromising. But it surprises. (2) Freshies. In a strip mall, but they used to have (and hopefully still have) a gorgeous roof deck overlooking the lake. Hawaiian-type food. Inconsistent, but can be fabulous.

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    1. We found the SwissChalet on the main drag to be very chow-worthy on a recent visit:

      1. Another thought, if it's not too late: rum runners at the Beacon are a worthy diversion. The Beacon is off Highway 89, right near Camp Richardson. They have a gorgeous deck and beach with as good a view as you'll find. The food is fine, but the rum runners and the view make it.

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          Found out that Camp Richardson serves ice cream, but only through Labor Day weekend. Hope you can report back. I hope to go next yr!

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            Hi. I'd like to interject that while the beach and view from Beacon is nice, the food is horrible and extremely expensive for the poor quality. Buyer beware.

          2. Go to Edgewood if you can, the menu is very nice and the setting is wonderful.

            1. i thought i answered but...highbrow-19, evans, chart house, kalanis', riva grill
              breakfast-driftwood or reds
              other- freshies, yellow submarine, base camp for pizza
              love naked fish
              we used to really like womacks for bbq but i've heard new owners..
              hope this helps

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                Um, Charthouse has a nice view, but the food is nothing special. It's fine, don't get me wrong, the menu is decent but I think "highbrow" is mislabeling it.

                1. re: enbell

                  i guess i thought high brow was high price etc.
                  forgive me if wrong