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Aug 16, 2013 08:30 AM

does anyone know where to buy Kressi Vinegar (it is Swiss) in Northern NJ? Thanks!

Searching for Kressi Vinegar in northern nj. Any suggestions?

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  1. perhaps the swiss pork store in fair lawn?

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    1. re: yogi70

      Good idea, and Corrados, I will try and get back to you both. I just finished reading The Man Who Ate the World by Jay Rayner, a British food critic. He talks about flying from London to Geneva to buy it!

      That was quite a while ago and you have to figure that it is available here.

      Zabars in the city has it. Anyway, I'll let you both know. Thanks!

      1. re: chefsusie

        good luck.
        another idea may be the international food warehouse in Lodi. I remember them having a whole aisle dedicated to olive oil, but were going back a number of years now...

      1. If you are ever in the city, I've seen it at Fairway in Harlem.
        It's my favorite vinegar, we used it back home in Germany as our regular vinegar. The bottle there is about $1 ;)

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        1. re: ische

          Thank you! I will go to the Fairway in Woodland Park, assuming that all Fairways carry the same inventory.

          Thank you again so much!

        2. Shoprite usually has Hengstenberg which is German, but similar.