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Apr 20, 2004 03:24 PM

Corpus Christi Seafood

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Any advice on a moderately fancy seafood restaurant in Corpus Christi?

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  1. One of the best places,with nice atmosphere is the Water Street Seafood Company downtown. We also have a Joe's Crab Shack on the Marina downtown. Most restaurants, here in Corpus, have seafood on the menu.

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    1. re: Flo Henry

      Water Street Seafood is being remodeled. Ate at Water Street Oyster Bar next door on Monday. Although they do not normally take reservations they did because we had a party of 15. Everyone was pleased with the food and the service was excellent! Definitely recommend.

      1. re: Flo Henry

        Joe's is a national chain. Water street seafood good choice. Right next door Executive Surf Club also great food but a little more grilled chic, burger, veggie burger. Great surf theme

      2. Hey Paul,

        Chicago chowhound field trip to Corpus? I'll be there myself this weekend. I've linked a post with a few recs--the amberjack at The Other Guys in Port Aransas was delicious, though The Other Guys probably isn't quite "moderately fancy". Beulah's may be too fancy, though I don't know for certain--I have heard the food is wonderful. I also highly re-recommend Elva's, and I hope to be eating there Saturday morning. Look forward to hearing what you find.




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          5884 EVERHART RD

          You won't regret it. Waterstreet Oyster Bar is good too.


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            Water Street Oyster bar was highly recommended to me by my hosts as well, and we were generally quite pleased. Delicious Gulf oysters and fresh shrimp, the fried products were not quite as good but still tasty, stay away from the dynamite stix--mixed fish and velveeta-like cheese cooked like an oversize flauta. In fairness, the others at my table were much more happy with this dish.

            A note about the beverage service: it's extremely haphazard. The first wine we ordered was out. The second (we weren't asking for rare bottles here, the selection is extremely limited--second choice was a Lindemans chardonnay) they had to go get--not quite sure from where, but a glass arrived after a while. A glass of red came with a healthy dose of cork floating atop. As the waiter noted cheerfully, "Oh, that's just cork." He gladly another glass, however. Which also had cork. And my Shiner Bock--well, they were out of Shiner, too. Oddly, none of this would dissuade me from recommending the place--apparently such experiences are not unusual for Corpus. But it's always a lot easier for me to accept such things in good humor when I expect them going in.

          2. Try Snoopy's Pier. On the water, VERY casual place, go up and order and sit outside and watch the water. Fried fish is their specialty. Cash only I think.

            13313 South Padre Island Drive

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            1. re: sherry2
              Benjamin Flynn

              An absolutely marvelous little place to while away the sunset hours...Has become rather touristy in the past few years, but still a nice place to meet the locals...and have a cheap, good meal while sipping a cold one and having a shot!

              1. re: Benjamin Flynn

                I'd like to know if there is ANYPLACE in the Corpus area where one can get fish that is NOT fried. I love fish, but like it grilled, baked, sauted, anything other than fried, which I personally believe completely covers up the flavor and texture of the fish.

                1. re: ChrissieH
                  David Davis of St. Louis, MO

                  Just left Snoopy's, and their specialty is absolutely not just fried fish. Saturday (Nov 27) my party had two baked dishes, baked flounder and baked mahi-mahi, on rice bed with side salad. I always order a pound of UN-PEELED, FRESH BOILED SHRIMP with a cold beer. Eat on dock porch facing shrimp boats, and watch the sunset! Its Great!!

            2. There's a nice place called the Yardarm that I've always heard good things about, but I admit I haven't been there. I like Snoopy's, but there's definitely nothing fancy (moderately or otherwise)about it.