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Brussels restaurants for dinner in October

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Going to Brussels for 3 days and then onto Paris. I've been looking at the Brussels posts and none are very current. Can anyone help us out?
We are interested in restaurants with really good food and nice ambience ... (No French or Italian) Belgian,one mussel/frites place and anything wonderful. Hate touristy stuff!!!
Our hotel recommended the following: Any thoughts?

Le Fourneau
De Heeren van Liedekercke
Les Brassins
Brasserie le Macon
Lola-modern brasserie
La Bonne Humeur
Maison Antoine
't Kelderke
Le Pre Sale
Le Bier Circus
Bonsoir Clara

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  1. What an odd list!

    You've been given a few obvious tourist traps, typical of a hotel list but somebody has stuck in one or two genuine local watering holes.

    Le bonne humeur is the real thing for moules frites - not many tourists will make it. Another authentic option would be Friture Rene - perhaps better food and wine choice but they won't take reservations.

    De Heeren is not in Brussels but in Denderleuw, maybe an hour away. Neutnigenough good fun, no reservation so wait in line. Antoine is a frit stand where you wait in line and go away with great frits wrapped in a paper cone - think end of night after drinking lots of beer.

    More generally, Brussels is a mainly French speaking city about 90 km (50 miles) from the French border and the dominant restaurant is best described as Franco- Belge - most foreign visitors would be hard pressed to spot the difference with Paris food.

    If you want to go where well informed locals go try at random Le Canne en Ville, De la vigne a l'assiete, creche des artistes, coq an pates, chez marie, etc or look on www.sensum.be although some places listed are a bit precious and over refined.

    Le Fourneau is not bad - lots of tapas type plates.

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      Thank you so much for your recommendations. Doing the research now and will probably make Canne en Ville our first choice for dinner. Do you know anything about Buvette?

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        Buvette is a sound choice - well informed staff, beer and wine lists reflect care and interest in what is served and since for most of us not everything is familiar, it will educate your palate.

        Buvette and Le Canne are both small- reserve a few days in advance. You can safely ring in English as this is a very international city and people are easy going about languages.

    2. Dump most of this list and go straight away to Resto Henri (restohenri.be). Make sure to book.
      Or take a look at De La Vigne à l'assiète.
      If you had a car or were willing to take a train to Antwerpen you could eat very serious Belgian classics at Invincible.
      Enjoy and report back.

      1. Went to La Brassin January 2012 and thought is was great. The food was full of flavor and the atmosphere was authentic without the tourists. Lola was spectacular, especially starting off the dinner with a Foie Gras Amuse Bouche! Both restaraunts would be perfect for October in Brussels.
        I am someone who likes to avoid tourist traps and found both to be far from it.

        1. If you haven't already booked your meals.. Two nights ago we went to a very fine restaurant called Alexandre on the rue Midi.A 75€ meal with a 1* feeling.