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Aug 16, 2013 08:02 AM

Duna Csardas for Hungarian?

Every since Hortobagy closed, and the demise (drop in quality and closure of) Maximillian's, if one wants to get Hungarian food, without having to schlep down to San Pedro, the only choice left is Duna Csardas. I've had some acquaintances go a few months back and they enjoyed it, but after having read reviews from Hungarians who indicated that they'd rather give their money to gypsies than to pay for a meal at Csardas, I've been hesitant to try them.

What have your recent experiences been like?

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  1. They closed a while back (I work around the corner). It was always empty so I wasn't surprised.

    1. Wait - LAgirl2, are you sure? I was by there in the past week and they were set up for a party, so maybe they're just doing special events?

      But I know, about the emptiest restaurant in town, and I've been driving past it for years and years. I do remember some humorous posts on it probably on this board.

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        I usually eat lunch in the office, but when I walked by a couple of months ago tables were in the parking lot and there was construction going on. I just assumed that they closed and something else was moving into the space (because nobody is ever in there). Maybe they did a remodel? (it probably needed it)

      2. The owner owns numerous properties in the Hollywood Hills. Each time I would dine here it's always empty too. I think he keeps it open for him & his wife to have a hang out spot and enjoy the piano and comfort of their own place. He even prints his own hungarian newspaper each week too. Very interesting...