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Aug 16, 2013 07:44 AM

India Spice House

I had their lunch buffet earlier this week. I'm not an expert on the food of India, but I do like much of what I've tried over the past decade.

They had some dishes I had not seen before. A couple of rice-based dishes with the consistency of polenta and a variety of vegetables and spices mixed in were good. There was a dal that was very interesting with herbs and spices I don't think I've had in dal before. The general impression I got was this was mostly northern indian food. Naan, Tandoori chicken, palak paneer, etc... At lunch, on the buffet, I did not see the foods I associate with southern India (idly, uttapas and dosas).

Overall, this place seems like a very good option for Eden Prairie. My dining companion, an EP native, pointed out VNam (a Vietnamese place) in another strip mall. So, it looks like better than average immigrant-focused restaurants are starting to show up in the strip malls of EP.

P.S. The attached grocery looked good. Lots of frozen indian foods like Parathas that I find interesting.

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  1. I've always been impressed by their buffet.

    1. They seemed to have improved since the last time I was there. Last week the buffet was very good. Almost full at 11:45.

      1. This is one of my favorite places in Eden Prairie and I get here on nearly every visit. The buffet is good, even for someone like me who is not a buffet fan. But the a la carte dinner menu is even better. The biryanis and the goat curry are among my favorite dishes there.