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Aug 16, 2013 07:20 AM

Bistro la Bon, Charlotte

The three left-handed half-Italians met for dinner last night at Bistro la Bon (Central Avenue in Plaza Midwood). We stuffed ourselves with numerous shared plates. I’ll start the discussion and the others can add their comments.

We shared the following: seafood platter, charcuterie plate, cheese plate, crispy avocado and asparagus, lamb belly with mint/arugula puree, brioche bread pudding.

I was very pleased with our meal and especially surprised at how delicious the lamb belly was. The subtle mint flavor complimented the meat perfectly. The charcuterie plate was delicious, the lardo being especially decadent. The seafood platter had a sampling of N.C. trout that was mild but flavorful.

Service was good and prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food. I’ve heard really good things about Bistro la Bon’s brunch which is served on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be back!

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  1. Agreed. It was an amazing meal. Not what you'd expect in a strip mall setting. Really excellent food and service. I loved the wood tables and the rugs. Next time, we have to try the octopus! Enjoyed it ladies!

    1. That lardo blew my mind - creamy, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Also on the charcuterie plate and very good - Spanish style chorizo and lomo (we were told it's cured pork tenderloin). On the cheese plate we had St. Andre, a Gouda aged 2.5 yrs and a Spanish blue. They were served with a carrot marmalade(yum), these lovely little butter cookies and bread.

      The seafood platter also had a wahoo crudo with fresh lime and scallions, gravlax w/ capers and white anchovies over heirloom tomatoes. All delicious.

      The avocado & asparagus app was wedges of avocado w/ a short spear of asparagus and mint wrapped up in a wrap simliar to wonton but it fried up crispier. The wraps sat atop a tamarind & sweet chili glaze. Very nice.

      The lamb belly was SO good. Not as fatty as pork belly, but a nice balance of meat & fat and very tender. The mint & arugula purée complimented the belly well.

      I LOVE bread pudding and Chef Majid's was no exception. It was a simple brioche bread pudding served with a bourbon carmel sauce, currants and vanilla ice cream - totally decadent but also light. I'm in love. The server said the brioche french toast that they serve at brunch is even better. I can't wait to get over there for brunch.

      I hadn't been to Bistro La Bon in quite a while. The place has been remodeled and the interior feels like you're some place exotic and far away. Certainly not in a strip mall on Central. I like what they did with the bar area and the outside community tables and the swings were another nice touch. Dinner certainly lived up to all the hype I've been hearing lately. Oh, and I failed to mention that we couldn't believe how reasonably priced everything was. Definitely a great value too.

      P.S. No I don't work there - I was just really blown away. ;)