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Aug 16, 2013 06:37 AM

New gadget can 'age' wine in minutes, inventors claim

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  1. This and $24 could have bought you Manhattan years ago. Amateur tasters drinking $6. Wines

    Please if you repaint a sweatshop wall workers productivity goes up temporarily in the belief their needs are being cared for. Tell people you are treating a cheap wine and suddenly it tastes like a first growth Bordeaux from a great vintage?

    Please send me your $24

    1. Jason,

      I am still trying to get my US $ 30 magnets to work. Now, you throw out some NEW "device."

      What am I ever going to do with you?


      1. I was given something that sounds very much like this almost 10 years ago by a Master of Wine who had developed it. I used it a few times but really couldn't say it did much of anything. I know it used some type of magnets and fit into the top of the bottle so the wine passed through it when you poured.

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          Yes, there was the Clef du Vin from some years earlier, a similar product that also came with a suitcase of dubious claims.

          This promotion for this gizmo says it ages the wine by using acoustic waves and electromagnetic waves, a technology based on a machine called the "Agronifier" -- US trademark applied for but not granted -- owned by a Las Vegas company called Ferris Holdings.

          The gizmo is owned/marketed by Ken Lewis, founder and owner of Clean Path Resources, which you can research on your own and also read about using these links:

          Investors Hub:

          Google: Ken+Lewis+CLNP+ fraud:

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Well, it wasn't Clef du Vin, and the name WineWizard sounds very familiar. I looked around for it this morning but couldn't find it. It was 'burgundy' in color, maybe 2.5 inches long and fit down into the top of the bottle like a stopper but with a spout.

            I met the guy at an organic wine trade event in LA in about '06. Same day I met Wilfred Wong, of BevMo, so I remember. Didn't think he was real before that.

        2. Let me guess. The electromagnetic waves and ultrasonics do absolutely nothing other than give the wine an hour to breathe.

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          1. re: kagemusha49

            Don't forget the magnets, to align the ions...


          2. The original comment has been removed