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Help turn my Smoothie into a Super-Smoothie!

Hi all,

I enjoy my smoothies, but I feel like they can get much healthier. I am looking for things to add in to make them super nutritious. I am open to both milk based and non milk based ideas.

This is what I usually put in:

Organic milk
Frozen strawberries, peaches, mango
Frozen banana slices
A spoon of almond butter

Thanks in advance!

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  1. In no particular order, I sometimes add chia seeds, greek yogurt, protein powder, kale/spinach and/or coconut milk

    1. am not sure your definition "healthy", or what your goals, but i'd add a few egg yolks.

      1. I like to use freshly squeezed citrus juice in my morning smoothie. And I really enjoy fresh cherries [either juiced or blended in after pitting].

        1. I like the texture of adding granola into the smoothy. If you're drinking these with a straw, you'll need a thicker straw but it's well worth the effort

          1. If I want a smoothie to keep me going all morning, I blend:

            Frozen mango
            Frozen raspberries
            0% or 2% greek yogurt
            Plain or vanilla light soy milk

            So, pretty similar to what you do now, but the addition of the greek yogurt, with all its protein, plus the soy milk, seems to make it stay with me a little longer.

            My sister loves chia seeds but I haven't been able to get excited about them yet...

            1. Forget healthier, per se, but the addition of some vanilla IC, Honey, and a quick splash of vanilla......would go a long way toward Yummy. top with nutmeg

              1. Greek yogurt, spinach, banana and natural peanut butter is my go-to.

                1. A large handful or two of baby spinach. You won't notice it but will get the nutrients.

                  1. I know this may sound weird. We drink a lot of tea at my house, so often we have used tea leaves around. I actually add those to my smoothies/ice creams/sauces. I really like the flavor and I know they are quite nutritious, and would otherwise go to waste. So I would suggest adding tea leaves if you have them. I know there are some powdered teas that could be used for this purpose as well.

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                      not trying to be snarky, but if you've already used them for tea, how are they going to waste after? and what is left nutrition-wise after steeping?

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                        Really high quality tea leaves still have a very good flavor/aroma after a few infusions. I also like to get as much use out of things as I can (used leaves would be thrown away).

                        As far as nutrition, how much nutrition is in vegetables after they are cooked for soup? I take it more along the lines of that, not the same as fresh but still worthwhile. If you wanted higher nutrition you could go for a tea powder (aka matcha) which would not have been steeped and would be full on packed.

                        But dont take my word for it, try it and let me know how it works for you and what you think.

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                          i don't "do" smoothies -- i don't ever feel satisfied drinking my calories.

                          as for vegetables in soup? the ones i use as a base for stock get tossed since the flavor is gone, the texture is mush and the nutrients have leached into the soup. i add fresh to just simmer and get slightly soft for serving/eating.

                    2. I buy a powdered green drink .It does taste BAD , so at time's I added to a fruit and almond milk smoothie. I like adding cooked cereals or if I have brown rice or coconut etc that goes in .I've lost over 50 lbs and have been keeping off .Of course I deleted foods but added juicing with smoothies included.

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                        I found the only green powder that doesnt taste like lawn! And i have tried a lot of them. This one has a very faint citrus-y flavor and dissolves super fast-

                      2. Add greens! Either fresh (or frozen) spinach, kale, etc. or green powder supplements.

                        Avocado. Coconut oil. Flax seeds. Sour cherry juice. Coconut water. Blueberries or blackberries.

                        1. I make a low sugar, high antioxidants, high fiber and protein smoothie that comes in at approx 300cal, 20-25g protein:
                          Layer from bottom up-
                          Frozen blueberries, 3/4c
                          1 tb chia seeds
                          1 tb ground flax
                          1 tb almond butter
                          1 scoop vanilla protein powder (i love the vega brand vanilla almondilla flavor)
                          Two handfuls fresh spinach
                          Enough unsweetented vanilla almond milk to blend, add or subtract to thickness you want.

                          It turns dark blue-ish, tastes like the almond butter and blueberries. Keeps me full for hours. And has a crazy ton of nutrition.

                          1. Add apple to sweeten , flax seed for extra fiber and perhaps Milk with 2% fat . These plus any fresh fruit in season should be healthy and nutritious enough.

                            1. Avocado, berries, hemp, chia, pomegranate powder, goji berries, coconut milk, nuts, kale -- mix and match.