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Aug 16, 2013 05:48 AM

Quintessence (Malta)

Quintessence for sale:

Closed. No more bad food:

Wishing for a Bloomer's quality restaurant in the Quintessence, former Bloomer's and Chez Sohpie location:
Here's to the food memories:

Malta seems to have mostly pubs (excepting The Ripe Tomato, Lakeridge, Panza's and Jack Dillon's). Maybe there's a reason for that.

PS I remember having dinner at Quintessence in Albany during their heyday. Long before the "world renowned teriyaki chicken" . . .meh

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  1. I thought it looked like it was still open on Tuesday when we drove by. But I'll agree that it SHOULD be closed. It was never anything special to me. I also enjoyed Bloomer's and was sorry to see it go.

    PS I remember before Albany was Quintessence and we went there as the UN Diner. Actually, Albany Medical Center will give away the diner to anyone who is willing to pay the expense of moving it.