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Aug 16, 2013 05:18 AM

Jack Dillon's Farm to Fork cuisine (Saratoga)

Anyone been?

The Yelp perspective:

I only went to Siro's once and was underwhelmed.

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  1. Looking for the menu.

    Nothing on yet.

    Tablehopping only has 1 post about the food and it's vague, "great." Yelp comments just mention local cheeses, filet, creamed spinach, scallops.

    Not looking for another Beekman Street Bistro . . .

    1. Just another tease so far from Mr. Barnes.

      I'll likely wait until after the horses leave town.

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      1. re: Roger K

        Thanks, Roger K. Not sure what's up with this place but no menu, a pic of a Caprese salad that I can prepare myself . . .

        Until I learn more from someone I trust (any hounds been yet?), I agree, no rush to go.

          1. re: PSZaas

            Thanks, PSZaas.

            I'm getting my magnifying glass right now :)

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              You must be using a phone; looks ok on the laptop. Surprisingly seafood heavy, wood-fired pizzas, most main plates in the mid-20's. Would be worth a try in my household, when the occasion presents itself, probably after the season.

        1. re: Roger K

          Roger K, just read your Yelp post. Looks like you had a good experience.

        2. Only one of the Yelp posts discusses the food.

          Any hounds been? Your experience?

          1. Reviewed in today's TU (


            Maybe a good spot for a Chowmeet?

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            1. re: PSZaas

              Thanks, PSZaas.

              I attempted to start a Chowmeet in Summer 2012, must have gotten sidetracked. My apologies for not following through. . .

            2. The original comment has been removed