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Aug 16, 2013 04:07 AM

San Anton Market, Madrid

I was at the food stalls in the San Anton Market in the Chueca area of Madrid yesterday. I always forget about this place as a possibility for a fun and varied meal! It's open every day, has ample hours and increasingly attractive offers. I like the chance to have sushi, pizza and Greek salad, for example, in the same meal as well as the more recognizable Spanish tapas. Here's a photo of the display of Delitaca, the Greek food stall. Try the stuffed eggplant as well as the cod and feta quiche!

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  1. I liked that market as well. We had a drink at the bar / restaurant on the rooftop there, but on our way up there, we noticed a great variety of food for sale. It was also close to El Cisne Azul, I think, where we ended up for lunch that day - loved the mushrooms!

    1. Have there been some changes there in the last year? It looked like La Alacena de Victor Montes is no longer there. That was a favorite of mine.