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Aug 16, 2013 12:35 AM

Intensely Meat-Flavored Sorbet (or Ice Cream)

Hello all,

I'm attempting to create meat-flavored sorbet for an exhibition. The idea is to create something that looks as if it could be fruit-flavored (using artificial dye is fine) but instead delivers a strong taste of beef, chicken, pork, bacon, chorizo, or whatever. Above all, the idea is that it must be surprising, while still being tasty.

I had some success using beef bouillon cubes, but they have that disgusting "dusty" artificial taste. I made a batch each of chicken, pork and beef consomme, but their flavor is so delicate I doubt they will taste like much of anything when turned into sorbet.

Though I don't have an ice cream maker, recipes or hints for meat-flavored ice creams would also be appreciated! I've found a roast beef ice cream and Blumenthal's bacon ice cream, but not much else.

Any brilliant ideas as to how to make meaty-sweet frozen treats? Would turning the beef stock into beef jus work? Infusing meat in vodka and adding that to the sorbet?

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  1. have had bourbon infused both with bacon and foie gras. they had a weird mouth feel of fat which i didn't care for in a drink, but might be ok and ameliorated in ice cream.

    something like this:

    but how will you make ice cream without a machine?

    1. You don't want much vodka in a frozen item, or it won't freeze properly.

      Here are some random thought. I make a lot of iced desserts, but not meat flavored. :)

      What about making it more like a rocky road type ice cream with chunks of meat-and maybe a little bit of nuts or dried cherries?

      I think beef will give you the best pure meat flavor. Reduced beef stock made into a syrup would likely get you the best clean meat flavor. I can't imagine it will be very disguised with food color? Maybe just try to make it look like chocolate/rocky road?

      Chicken boullion is pretty distinct in flavor and maybe easier to replicate for the ice cream. It might taste better too (think creamy chicken gravy). It is also easier to color for the surprise factor.

      Coconut milk ice cream might let the meat flavors come through a bit more than cows milk. Thai ice creams use coconut milk with strong (and sometimes strange) flavors.
      Japan is pretty famous for strange/unusual sweets as well. I have a friend that brings me very strange sweets from Japan each year (like pork flavored life savers). Maybe get inspired for flavor combos.

      Good luck! It sounds fun:)

      1. Thanks for your replies!
        I found a small, experimental ice cream parlor in my city, so I'm working on begging them to use their machines in exchange for free advertising at the exhibition :) So, ice cream (not just sorbet) is also on the menu.

        I really like the idea of rocky road. I made a chocolate-chorizo-barbecue sauce sorbet that I loved but my tasting panel hated, but I still think there's a fake chocolate thing in there somewhere.

        1. Not an expert here, but I am thinking duck. Using roasted bones to make stock, and then reducing this might give an intense duck flavor. Or using the readily available jarred flavorings (sorry The name escapes me) you could make a very intensely flavored liquid. Then pair it with! Good luck!

          1. Have you thought about making a stock for ramen or pho?
            Even when frozen i think the flavour of these would carry through. Given the fattiness of ramen stock this would probably be better as an ice cream, and the pho for a sorbet.