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Aug 15, 2013 09:02 PM

DTW - Downtown - The Jefferson House - Tried It?

Generally I ignore restaurants in hotels and casinos, always assuming they'll be both too mainstream and too expensive. Roast, with it's on-street storefront was the exception-- at least I did not have to go through the hotel.

This new place in the Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown Convention Center (aka reimagined Pontch or whatever its confusing moniker of the day), however, has caught my attention. It's name is The Jefferson House, and one does have to walk through the lobby to get to it apparently.

What makes it interesting to me is its 25 year old chef, Justin Vaiciunas. He's running their entire food and beverage operation, actually-- which does scare me a little for fear of a possible no-choice-but-corporatization situation. If his name sounds familiar, he was the founding chef at VIN Wine Bar in Plymouth. Nicole from Eat It Detroit said back then he was very creative and had real promise, and maintains that's so still today.

The Jefferson House has been open quietly for a few weeks, with the Grand Opening slated for late September. From now until Aug 22 Justin is running a 7 day/week lunch special-- $7 for food and a beer. I'd be hesitant to invest a week's grocery money on a single meal from a guy with a bit of a molecular gastronomy reputation (not saying the place will ever be that expensive, but really I do not know), but $7 I can definitely afford so I think I'll go try it.

Has anyone already been? If so for which meal and how was it?

Hmm I wonder if he'll include their dinner service in Autumn Detroit Restaurant Week ...

Here's a bit of background and some photos--

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  1. Discalimer: I have no connection with the place or with anyone who works there. It was not I who posted my question here to their FB page. It's just a new place I noticed, am interested in, and wondered what people here thought, is all.