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Aug 15, 2013 06:52 PM

Cinnamon Rolls Orange county?

On the prowl on where the BEST moist and gooey are located?

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  1. Sweet Jill's in Seal Beach and also Belmont Shore.

    1. There's an epic cinnamon roll at Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa, delicious and the size of a salad plate. Unfortunately most everything else they serve seems to have gone downhill in the last decade ... either that or my warm, fuzzy 90's nostalgia is messing with my memory again...

      1. Thanks I'll check those puppies out.

        1. Try Bake n Broil in Long Beach. They have amazing cinnamon rolls and even do a cinnamon roll French toast.

          1. Blackmarket Bakery. They also service Kean and Old Vine with the best cinnamon rolls I've ever seen, had. Also if you're not a total purist Sidecar Donuts makes an amazing one as well, I think it's the same as their donut dough...sooo good!

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              I'm at Blackmarket tomorrow.Sidecar Friday.The gym Saturday.