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Aug 15, 2013 06:37 PM

Dinner with friend - Gramercy/Union Square/Murray Hill

Looking for a lively atmosphere to go to a late dinner with a friend on Friday night. Preferably not too expensive and a fun menu! We are both mid 20s and love good food!

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  1. How late is late? Regardless, Terroir in Murray Hill was very lively when we were there last month at midnight/1:00. The small plates we had were pretty good (the bone marrow stands out in my memory right now) and of course, big plus if you're wine drinkers. Your age group fits for sure!

    1. Salvation taco- kind of a scene but the food is great
      Casa mono, sit at the bar- razor clams and cauliflower a la plancha are favorites
      Terroir is a great wine bar with small plates food that is good, but the wine is the focus there (they are having a summer of reisling promotion, lots of options by the glass)

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        Casa Mono is great, as is Boqueria. Lots of good BBQ in that part of town too if that's your fancy.