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Aug 15, 2013 06:05 PM

2 days in Paris

Taking a trip to London and thinking of Chunneling over to Paris for a couple days to eat.

Any recs on some hole in the wall places for the best meats,cheeses, croissants?

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  1. Suggest reading a few posts on the board - there are many many replies to similar requests.

    However, Paris doesn't really do hole in the wall places. The good stuff is generally in good places - food is culture in Paris and justly not hidden away in holes in the wall.

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      This challenged me - "hole in the wall?" Is there even one? Maybe Derriere. Or that Belgian frites place in the 11th where Danel Rose did the EuroDisney vdeo. Or Au Passage.
      But Phil is correct - DukeFan check out prior threads on coming for a couple of days.