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Aug 15, 2013 04:23 PM

Cereal Theme Dinner - Salad Course

My sister has been invited to a potluck dinner where the theme is cereal - I have no idea why this theme was chosen. Easy enough for some courses, but she was asked to bring a salad. Does anyone have a salad that uses cereal in any way? My only idea for her was to use one of the relatively healthy cereals in place of croutons in a regular salad.


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  1. Croutons are a good idea. She can toast the cereal in butter and spices. Cheerios are tasty toasted like this, although I have never tried them over a salad.

    She could bake bran or oatmeal bread and use that to make croutons.

    I make a fruit salad with layers of fruit, yogurt, and granola.

    Maybe use corn flakes as the breading for chicken or vegetable cutlets and use those to top a salad.

    Would rice or grains count as a cereal? You can find lots of rice and grain salad recipes.

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      i'm with you on the fruit salad. it doesn't have to have "cereal" in it, since everything else will, and the natural acidity of the fruits will be a good-offset to lucky charms and cocoa puffs.

      could also probably skip the yogurt, since most will be eating the cereals with milk?

      gah. i hope somebody is bringing some eggs at least. :P

    2. Maybe look at some Oatmeal Salad recipes, too, where toasted oatmeal is used in place of nuts, or layered in with fruit/yogurt

      1. I used to sprinkle Grape Nuts over a salad. I haven't done it in years but it was a staple in my house when I was growing up. Oddly enough, we never ate Grape Nuts in a bowl with milk, only on salad!

        1. She can make cheese patties or balls using a very soft cheese like goats cheese or farmers cheese and roll in seasoned and spiced crushed bran flakes or corn flakes. I have had the original fiber one twigs sprinkled over salad before too.

          1. Crispix toasted in butter and worcestershire sauce is awesomely savoury, and could be used as croutons, with lettuce, onions, amd tomatoes, and a vinaigrette with a splash of more worcestershire.