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Aug 15, 2013 02:18 PM

Coming to LA this weekend, looking for Americanized Chinese Food & other

Blasphemy to go to a city with great authentic chinese looking for the americanized stuff? Probably. Still, I am from WA state and have been in San Diego for 4 years and have not found any good americanized chinese food since, and shamefully I need a fix. I consider it a completely different food genre than authentic, San Diego has many very good authentic places. I hope LA chowhounds can help! I will be all over the city, from SB to Pico Union, downtown and Beverly Hills areas, and would prefer to do lunch over a dinner.

Additionally, we're looking for some solid down to earth food places as well. Not fine dining (we're not fancy), or LA chic/trendy (BF picky as heck). So far we're looking at Roscoes, Phillipe, and Langers for this category but are interested in other like-minded ideas.

All suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. re: Servorg

      If you want to go the old school "Cantonese" way, you might try Kim's Chinese on Crenshaw behind the old Crenshaw Square complex. The food is not fancy and I think somewhat greasy, but it does scratch that itch. I notice you're talking lunch and I've found the food tends to be fresher at dinner time. They might be guilty of recycling a few from last night's cooking into the lunch menu. They even have hom yu (which I've never tried there). I also wasn't a fan of their sweet and sour pork. I haven't given a rave review, but I don't want you to go expecting americanized chinese from back in the day when it was more popular. Lots of the local older folks frequent the place.

      1. re: Feed_me

        great, thanks so much. I don't think I will ever experience this cuisine (if you can call it that) as it was in its heyday when I was a small child with my family. But it does make me sad somehow to see it disappearing all together. Surely if the majority of the populations sinks to the like of Arby's and McDonald's it can't be argued that there is no place left for this food.

    2. Langers should definitely be on your list, yet keep in mind that it is closed on Sundays and at 4pm all other days.

      1. give peking restaurant at 2877 university ave, san diego a try. same family since 1931.

        1. Roscoe's make sure you go to the original location on Pico for the best, you're fine as long as you avoid the Pasadena location. If not Langers, hit Brent's if you're in the West SFV or Nate N Al's in BH.

          If in the Crenshaw district, try Ho Sai Kai on Western Ave. I used to go to Paul's Kitchen in the Flower District in SE DTLA.