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Aug 15, 2013 01:18 PM

Organic buffalo or other sort of chicken wings- Cape Cod

I don't eat meat and but will eat organic chicken. Lately, I have been craving chicken wings. At Jillian's 4th of July part I devoured wings and have been craving since. Is there any establishment on Cape Cod that serves organic chicken wings? I know, just eat the $#@% wings if you crave them, right...I prefer free range chicken with no anti biotics..just curious..I personally have never seen this on any menu..

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  1. You know that chicken *is* meat, right? :)

    Maybe try Tiny's in P town. I've never seen wings on the menu but they have local/organic chicken dishes.

    Other than that if it's a true craving and you are not willing to get them at your local pub/sports bar than why not make your own? Super easy if you have a heavy bottom cast iron pan, high smoke point oil, franks and butter.

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      lol...I have wanted to say that for *years*, but refrained, and yes, chicken is indeed meat. I'm guessing Ann means she doesn't eat beef or pork (or bison, elk, chipmunk, etc.)

      As to the question, I haven't a clue. Maybe a call to DJs is in order.