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Aug 15, 2013 12:57 PM

Grill On Wheels Kosher Food Truck

Just came back from grabbing a late lunch. This was my first time and all they had left on the menu was the Crazy Chicken. The truck basically offers sandwiches that are variations on a base of shwarma, grilled chicken or chicken schnitzel.

I can only comment on what I ate: The main ingredients of Crazy Chicken are grilled chicken, sauteed peppers and onions, hummus, hot sauce and pickles on a grilled, crusty baguette. I was given spicy mayo and techina on the side. Cost: $10.50. The sandwich was quite tasty.

Since it is a beautiful day here in NYC, I ate al fresco on the plaza of the nearest office building. It was great eating a sandwich whose filling and bread was still agreeably hot. The flavors melded nicely and melted into the soft part of the bread.

Only two comments:

1. unlike most other food truck fare, this was not on the cheaper side. I know the drill about kosher is always more expensive (hashgacha by R' Aaron Mehlman), blah, blah, blah. But the prices here are more or less comparable to, say, KD prices. The only menu item under $10 is the beef/lamb burger. It would be great to see everything under $10 -- even $9.95.

2. the menu has nothing unusual or new and exciting to offer. Why are we kosher Jews not considered adventurous? I for one would be happy to try new and exotic flavors. Burgers, shwarma, grilled chicken and shnitzel? Hmmm...where have I seen that before.

Bottom line: what I ate was tasty, but not anything outside my kosher, Upper West Side-born now-living-in-the-suburbs comfort zone. "Reasonably" priced for kosher but not what I'd consider a bargain.

I do recommend it and would return.

Their web site:

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  1. Food trucks are not necessarily cheap. Sure the ubiquitous halal carts might be cheap, but the latest trend is gourmet artisanal trucks. Based on your comments this truck might not be gourmet, but it still seems like it falls closer to that end than the halal cart end. That being said, the prices don't sound that terrible. That being said, do you really want to eat the cheapest lowest quality of a product that can easily spoil out of the back of a truck?

    I'm looking forward to trying these guys out as soon as they decide to venture beyond midtown east.

    1. How was the speed? I went once and ended up waiting close to 20 minutes, and that turned me off big time.

      1. Went on 8/15/13 ordered burger, wait was at most 15 minutes if that, it was lunch hour too (sometime between 12 and 1:00 if I recall) There were like 5 people also waiting.